PDFBear: The Best Tool To Simplify Work Processes To Increase Productivity


In recent years, the list of offices transitioning to remote work is increasing rapidly. Still, several companies have been compelled to suddenly decide how to sustain productivity as the home has become the only feasible option for continued work. With the sudden change in what an ordinary, efficient office looks like, looking ahead is more critical than ever before. 

Moreover, the internet is packed with tips about working from home effectively. However, you will still need the support of appropriate resources, particularly the proper PDF tools, for you to achieve this. If you want to deal with PDFs more effectively, here are some of the strategies and tips that you can do while using the remarkable PDF application in the market today.

PDF Made Simple With PDFBear’s Online Conversion

The majority of conversion tools that you can find on the web today require installation procedures for you to access their features. With that, more time is taken by the whole process that could have been beneficial for constructive activities and better purposes. On top of that, some Optical Character Recognition apps are not delivering what they promised.

PDFBear does not need any download, unlike other online resources, which is considered the best defining aspect when using PDFBear for modification purposes. You can convert PDF to PDFA, Word, Excel, and other standard file formats with just a couple of taps. A lengthy conversion process is no longer required when you follow the steps indicated on the web.

Modify Text and Content in a PDF

When handling a massive amount of PDFs, you may already experience this frustrating situation in which you receive messages on it that demand quick alteration. To save you from these errors, PDFBear permits you to alter the PDF content as if it were in a standard processor such as Microsoft Word. All you have to do is to head on to the site’s PDF Editor. 

From there, forward your PDF files, and you can start editing the contents. The platform will allow you to add shape, place an image, text, draw, and highlight words. After editing, simply tap the “Apply” button to enable the server to process the changes you have made to your PDF file. After that,  your newly modified file is ready for saving and downloading. 

Merge Diverse Files Into One Organized PDF Portfolio

The modern portfolio of portable document formats allows you to incorporate multimedia elements into a single PDF portfolio, such as audio files, video files, Word documents, and PDF copies, much like how a file folder works. Each media file maintains its essential properties and can be accessed by an application that uses it as desired again.

Along with that, you can use PDF portfolios in a variety of ways. One example is that when you work in a particular sector that handles PDFs with sensitive information, categorizing the files via a PDF portfolio can be essential. By doing so, the files classified as “confidential” can be conveniently found separately from the documents used for broader dissemination.

Add Watermark for Text Document Protection

The use of watermarking helps prevent data extraction practices from happening, ensuring that confidential information such as company reports, contracts, budgets, and others remain private and secure. There are two essential elements to understand how a watermark functions on your PDF files, which are considered the most critical components.

Digital watermarking not only prohibits digital users from disclosing records but suppose that a specific file gets disclosed, anyone can easily recognize the root cause of the leak as the name of the designated recipient is positioned on the file. Printing and uploading are often immobilized by watermarking, giving individuals a different approach to information security.

Merge PDFs

Suppose you want to give your department a detailed and impressive presentation, a thorough analysis of how the combination of documents works is needed for you to show data types in one streamlined offering. If you require to combine visual components, Excel documents, and pie charts, it is vital to convert them first to integrate them later.

Besides, for easy presentation, you can place diverse portable document format files together. If you have any sheets to incorporate but are in specific files, you will be given ideas for easy display and a structured workflow by combining them. You can merge texts, pie charts, Excel spreadsheets, visual elements, graphic images, and so many more into a single document.

Fix Accessibility Errors

It is not uncommon in a workplace setting where the documents you manage might be susceptible to corruption. For this reason, it may be difficult to access or open a broken or corrupted PDF file as it will only contain error messages. This issue may be the consequence of partial download, hard disk failure, incompatible programs, or worse, virus attacks.

It will be best if you will not panic in an instance in which you witness the misuse of the data or the file gets manipulated. Instead, some basic troubleshoots can be initiated, such as uploading a file or restoring backup copies. However, there is nothing to worry about if these two examples fail to work, as you can still rely on the efficacy of the PDFBear Repair PDF tool.

Encrypt PDF Documents for Maximum Protection

It is reasonable when you are hesitant to employ online tools for security purposes. You don’t want to be reliant on the internet when the possibility of file exploitation occurs on the same platform. But with PDFBear, your privacy and security are their top priority. Besides, once you encrypt your files, the server will remove the details forwarded on their server after an hour. 


Whether you work with PDFs regularly or now and then, you already have some effective PDF processes that will significantly increase your work efficiency. With the assistance of PDFBear, any issues and errors that you will face while handling multiple documents will now be more manageable since you can quickly fix them through this website.