Perseus Mirrors: Get Your Day Started Right!


Name and Official Title of the CEO

Erik Skantze – CEO

Tell Us About Your Business

Perseus is the world’s smartest mirror!  With its digital display this smart mirror allows users to integrate into a more connected life.  News, social media feed, text messages, sports updates, and anything else you can think of is displayed right in front of you as you go through your normal getting ready routine before you go out in this digital mirror format.  Perseus has been in business for about 8 months and is already making the best use of all there time.  With 8 employees and as much feedback from consumers as possible, they are making sure you start that you are able to start your mornings off at 100% everyday!

What Makes Your Company Unique in its Industry?

“Our focus is on usability and the ability to make ones life easier.”

– Erik Skantze

This smart mirror focuses on user and design.  The product has been tested many times through actual everyday users interested in the product with numbers nearing the thousands!  With actual users giving their feedback on their morning routine, Perseus will truly be able to give you the tools necessary to start the day and many already believe this to be true.  There original Kickstarter price point was at $199 for the mirror which has already sold out!  The team is also focused on pushing the price down on the product as they progress so that this technology becomes more accessible.

What Contributions Have You Made or Are Willing to Make Towards the World?

Perseus is built around the idea of improving people’s lives in that getting ready sense.  For many getting ready at anytime can be a stressful or hectic leaving you disconnected and with feelings of anxiety.  The Perseus Team wants to make people feel more in control and empowered by giving them relevant bite size information to help them take on the day!

Who or What Has Influenced You?

Erik Skantze’s personal influences are the great entrepreneurs before him.  Through them he has learned many things, especially how to get the most out of one’s self by being an effective person.  That  is a mentality the Perseus Team tries to bring to the development of their smart mirror.

The Perseus Team is made up of students in the Wharton MBA program and credit professors such as Ethan Mollick and Tyler Wry as having been incredibly helpful in getting them to think through their ideas and put forward a product that they can be truly proud of!

Words of Advice?

“Fail early and fail often.  Get your product out there.  Get your idea out there and do everything you can to have that in the hands of your consumers, because that is ultimately going to be the best feedback you can get.”

-Erik Skantze


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