Pet Businesses Capitalizing on Cannabinoids & CBD


When it comes to the health and safety of dogs from various serious health issues such as anxiety, you will come across several solutions at various stores. However, one of the hottest products in this category is CBD oil. If you ask some of the retailers of pet products, you will come to know that most of them believe that pet cannabinoids are still an untamed territory that has more questions than answers. There are many pet owners who have several concerns regarding the legality, efficacy, and safety of CBD oils.

On the other hand, there are still pet shop owners who are still a skeptical about stocking their stores with CBD products in the forms of oil, sprays, and balms. However, the truth is that with proper knowledge and research, a retailer can take full advantage of this budding category an also boost sales.

A Bit about Cannabinoids

Every mammal, whether humans or animals, have an endocannabinoid system or ECS. Cannabinoids tend to activate the ECS in mammals upon consumption. This ECS interacts directly with your digestive, neurological, and cardiovascular system inside the body. ECS also has a crucial role to play in the natural anti-inflammatory response of your body.

This ECS, in turn, is controlled by the CB and CB receptors. CB is found in the immune system of the body and the CB receptors are found in the neurons. Once these receptors are activated, the communication between the various systems in the body gets a boost. As a result of this, various health problems such as anxiety, inflammation, and pain get treated.

Most of you may believe that cannabinoid products will have a similar effect on you as marijuana. It will make humans and animals feel high. On the contrary, CBD has no such effects on humans nor animals. This is simply because CBD products do not contain THC, which has psychoactive properties, which also includes euphoria. Since CBD products do not contain THC, these products are also legal in almost every state.

Manufacturers of CBD products for pets are well and truly aware that many retailers still have plenty of questions and doubts about such products. Thus, these manufacturing companies provide several valuable resources to their retailers through training sessions, brochures, and informational displays. With the help of proper education, manufacturing companies of CBD oil and similar products for pets hope that retailers will be able to portray their products to potential customers in an enlightened and accurate manner.

Although it is very simple to learn new things in life, there are still plenty of misinformation out in the market pertaining to various products. The best way and source of information comes through personal training with company staffs and brochures. There are also company websites which can enlighten you about the facts and figures of CBD oil. Once retailers can understand the potential benefits of CBD oil and how it can help pets overcome anxiety, they can easily sell these products to pet owners and also clear the doubts haunting these customers with pets at home.