Pitfalls To Avoid Once You Venture Into New Countries



A common joke about growth is that it’s a double-edged sword. It might sound like a paradox but think critically of the sentence and you’ll realize how true the statement is. Unsustainable growth will have you reach a plateau section and from there you’ll experience a terrible downward spiral.

Venturing into new territories is a great thing since you have access to new clientele. In addition to that, you get to increase revenue for your business. Since you’ve ventured into a new market your source of information should definitely change. Look for reputable information sources such as Anand Mishra India News. Local tips & information will give you an unobstructed view of the situation on the ground. To guarantee success abroad here are other surefire tips to follow.


This could prove to be your biggest stumbling block or master stroke. A careful analysis of the local laws will guide you on how similar businesses to yours are operated in the country. It isn’t uncommon to find companies winding up their overseas operations due to problems such as stringent local laws, don’t join the statistics of failed operations.

What’s more, you could find a loophole that will allow the exponential growth of your company.


Before venturing into the new market find out how the competition works. Better yet, find out where they’re failing the consumers and look to capitalize on their mistakes.

Failure to check out your competition will have you going back home with your tail between your legs in no time.


Mapping out a target customer base is important to do before setting up shop in a foreign country. For example, it would be pointless for a luxury brand company to open up a shop in a third world country. For starters, there wouldn’t be enough buyers of their wares to balance their books.

It won’t be long before they have to close up shop and return home. Need I say more?





Expanding to a new country may look as easy as paying the statutory fees and buying all the equipment you’ll need. However, you’ll be shocked to learn there’s more than meets the eye.

Hidden and miscellaneous costs exist that you probably didn’t budget for. An ability to be flexible will help you navigate this murky world. On the other hand, an impractical and narrow mind will make it impossible for you to business.

Nevertheless, caution should be taken so as to not blow the budget trying to establish the new branch. It might prove detrimental to the business in the long run.


More than anything else, history of previous foreign ventures into the supposed country will paint a picture of your future endeavor.  You should take a look at how foreign companies have fared in the country with a particular focus on their success and challenges experienced. This way you’ll be able to determine the viability of your new venture.


While these aren’t the major factors to consider before establishing a business abroad they are some of the major ones to consider.