Planning to Visit the City of Love – Paris


Think about Paris and you get an image of the most romantic city in the world. Visiting such a beautiful place is a dream for many. Besides having one of the seven wonders of the world – Eiffel tower, the place has a lot more to explore. It is not only one of the largest cities in Europe, but also is one of the world’s leading business and cultural centers. This amazing city has a lot to explore but the problem of carrying luggage remains the same. It not only exhausts you physically but irritates you a lot too. This is where the luggage storage guide comes to your help.


Places to hang out in the City of Romance:

  • Eiffel Tower

The first on the list is the iconic tower that was designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel for the Paris Exhibition 1889 which marked the centenary of the French revolution.


  • Musee du Louvre

The palace is one of the most important museums of Paris and was home to France’s kings. The museum possesses more than 30,000 artworks from antiquities to European paintings of the 15th to 19th centuries. The world-famous artwork Mona Lisa or la Gioconda painted by Leonardo Da Vinci has also been displayed here.


  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Located in the heart of Paris stands the Notre-Dame – a triumph of Gothic culture. The ornamental design of the facade with its profusion of sculpture and gargoyles treat visitors aesthetically. 


  • Avenues Des Champs-Elysées

It is famous for its prestigious establishments such as Maison Laduree, the pâtisserie shop renowned for its 18th-century tea salon and delicious pastries having macarons as their specialty, upscale designer boutiques, and many other brands. Besides this, many affordable places cater to tourists like Burger King, H&M clothing shop, etc.


  • Musee d’Orsay

It is a splendid collection of impressionist art that is beautifully presented in a spacious interior. Some of the museum’s famous pieces include Claude Monet’s The Magpie, Gare Saint-Lazare, Poppy Field, and Luncheon on the Grass.


  • Palais Garnier, Opera National de Paris

This opulent monument is a symbol of Napoleon’s imperial regime. The facade features classical columns and eight sculptures present the allegorical figures.


  • Place de la Concorde

It is an impressive octagonal square from the 18th century Paris offers sensational views of the triumphal route towards the Arc de Triomphe and the defense.


  • Arc de Triomphe

It is dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the French armies of the first Empire´s revolution. 


  • Seine River cruises

A boat cruise along the Seine river is a must to truly soak up the alluring ambiance of Paris. It allows tourists to see the sight from different perspectives.


  • Musical concerts at Sainte

Chappelle – This place belongs among the most exquisite churches in Paris and is one of the rare jewels among medieval houses of worship. It is rarely used for mass but often serves as a venue for music concerts.


  • Bustling boulevards and legendary cafes

If you love to try different cafes, the best place to start is Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 6th arrondissement. It is lined with designer fashion boutiques, prestigious cafes, and classic brasseries.


  • Luxembourg Gardens

The best-known park in Paris after the Tuileries is Luxembourg Gardens. The main feature of this park is the large octagonal fountain – adorned pool, which is flanked by two terraces lined with statues, flowerbeds, and manicured shrubbery.


  • Pantheon

Pantheon is a national mausoleum of France’s greatest citizens built as a

church to rival Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome and SaintPaul’s cathedral in London.


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