Podcasting as a Marketing Tool


Since podcasting started way back in 2005, the industry has seen significant growth. There are now millions of users all over the world that tune in on various platforms and the topics discussed on podcasts are numerous and diverse. 

The large audiences that podcasting attracts make it a perfect tool to market a business and develop a brand in the process. There are several ways that businesses can utilize podcasts as a tool, and they are very effective in assisting a business in achieving its goals.

Podcasting Is A Business

Businesses that start their own podcast can be said to be adding to their business rather than just marketing their business. Simply this means that they will be able to generate revenue from the income, in addition to boosting traffic to the main business they own. 

Businesses can start with an initial boost to their audience size by using Jaynike. This means that at the very start they have gained a number of followers that can help give exponential growth to their podcast, as well as reaching a larger portion of their target market.

More People Are Tuning Into Podcasts

Research estimates that by 2023, there will be 160 million podcast listeners in the US. How many of us tune into podcasts during our daily commute? Many people even listen to podcasts as they do mundane everyday tasks, such as doing the dishes, cleaning, and cooking. Gyms are full of headphone-clad people running on treadmills, listening to podcasts. A business gains much from marketing through podcasts or creating their own podcast as a marketing strategy.

Marketing The Podcast

Although the podcast is used as a marketing tool, it needs promotional content itself. This means posting on the various social media accounts of the business, advertising the availability of a podcast. The results of marketing in this way are two-fold. The podcast listeners will learn about your main business, and the business’ customers will learn of your podcast. 

It is important that the chosen topic for a business podcast be relevant to the business. For example, if you own a fishing gear shop, your podcast should be about fishing gear and fishing. This ensures that you are reaching more of your target audience, which in turn becomes part of your target market.

Choose Guests Wisely

Your guests can also be part of the publicity and marketing strategy for your business. In any case, you should have guests that are well versed in the relevant field. Some might be regular guests on your show, giving updates and insights on news of the industry. Your listeners will appreciate the free expert advice they will be getting from your podcast.

Additionally, celebrity-type guests give your business a chance to increase traffic as the guest’s fan will be visiting your podcasts (and potentially your business). No, Hollywood celebrities aren’t a must. People famous for being experts in a certain field can be considered celebrities as well. In keeping with our fishing gear example, you could host a famous YouTuber that posts fishing videos online. The target audience views them as an expert at fishing and thus will follow them from YouTube to your audio streaming platform.

Creating a podcast to market your business and increase traffic to generate sales is an easy process. This strategy yields high results and can be extremely beneficial to any business while being cost-effective. 

As your podcast gains popularity, so will your business. Attract more people to your main business by diversifying into the field of podcasting. You will not regret doing so!