Point of Sale System in Baking Industry


The POS system plays a major role in every bakery. Products must be settled quickly and easily. Bonbons are weighed. At any time a product must be able to be provided with a label with product information. Financial data must be clear at the end of the day. Essential functions of the cash register system within your company!

Thanks to Point of sale system in the baking industry, we know very well what is going on in the field of shop automation.

As a baker you have to deal with many administrative tasks such as processing your orders, making lists and invoices on a daily basis. These daily operations are not only time-consuming, but are also prone to error.

With Bakery POS you can easily process your (internet) orders into baking lists, production lists and delivery notes/invoices. You can also make your own product labels and product specifications with Bakery pos system. In addition, the bakery software offers you a financial link, a cash point link, a link to the web shop and much more for an efficient operation of your bakery business.

Scales for a bakery

Good scales within a bakery are extremely useful for weighing raw materials. A scale can be linked to the pos system, but is also available without a coupling.

Point of sale system offer audit scales, calculating scales, counting scales and various other scales.


POS system solutions for the Bakery

POS system offers complete solutions for the baking industry that increase turnover, make work processes more efficient and facilitate controlling.

The consistent development of powerful and robust POS systems is due to continous improvement and upgradation in hardware and software, as well as to the intensive exchange of experiences with customers. Industry competences, groundbreaking technologies and a very extensive network of dealers guarantee first-class products, expert advice and reliable on-site service at Top POS System.

The direct, coordinated development of POS systems and back-office applications enables efficient solutions for the order sector, analysis of turnover, working time management or master data management. Table-floating via different point of sale is just as natural as graphical table plans, problem-free data synchronization or time-controlled price changes. The pos software offers numerous special functions for the baking industry and can also be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of a company.

POS systems for professionals

POS systems from top pos system have numerous advantages. They offer technology at the highest level, they are ready for the future, have a long life and combine high-quality hardware with sophisticated software.

Maximum flexibility of the POS software

This software offers numerous special functions for bakeries and catering , but is also suitable for most other branches. The user interface can be flexibly designed and adapted exactly to the respective business needs.

Even more specific solutions can be implemented through program extensions. The possibilities are extremely versatile and leave almost nothing to be desired. In addition to software and hardware integrations, function extensions are also possible, such as warnings on outgoing warehouse stocks, order confirmations or pick-up information via SMS.

Easy operation

The menu navigation makes operation easy even for unskilled personnel. The operator is guided through the menus on the basis of selection windows and selection buttons. In this way, incorrect data entry is prevented. The selection windows can be configured at your own discretion and adapted to different business processes. Function keys can also be assigned to icons or product logos instead of text. Product keys can even be provided with product photos, which further facilitates order entry.

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