PPC Tips – Why Your Business Needs To Use SKAGS


If your business is currently running ads to drive leads and customers, changes are your strategy could benefit from SKAGs. SKAGs, or single keyword ad groups, are a proven tactic for clarifying and maximizing the structure of your ads. Here’s why your business needs to start using SKAGs today.

How Do SKAGs Help Ads?

In the simplest terms, SKAGs are a way for you to better structure your ad account so that you can gain more control and achieve higher performance.

In the structure of SKAGs, each ad group only has one keyword in it. This allow you to isolate performance of specific keywords to truly see which keywords are driving the best results for your business, as well as which ad variations around that specific keyword are landing with users.

Furthermore, by setting up your keywords into their own unique ad groups, you can make ensure that the keywords that you’re bidding on actually go with the search terms you’re paying for.

Tips for Using SKAGs Effectively

Setting up SKAGs will definitely help improve your ads performance, but here are a few tips to make sure you maximize their effectiveness.

First of all, you should include multiple match types of each single keyword in its Single Keyword Ad Group. So include broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match for the singular keyword within each ad group. This is not the same as including multiple keywords, since you are using the same root keyword for each match type.

Secondly, since your ad groups are now isolated to one specific keyword, you can afford to get incredibly specific with your ad copy. With this setup, you should be incorporating your keyword in the headline, description and URL. That way, you can truly get a read on which individual keywords are driving the most clicks, engagement and bottom line results that you are looking to achieve.

Furthermore, when you utilize this approach, and your Search terms start matching your Keywords, you will see that your click-through-rates (CTRs) can skyrocket. This is because you don’t have 10-50 keywords in one ad group all competing to be relevant to one ad – you are focused on one keyword group for ad, which is much easier to measure and optimize.

How to Get Started with SKAGs

The good news about SKAGs is that they are fairly easy to set up, since it’s actually a simplification of the existing strategy that you may be using. However, if you are brand new to ads, or are struggling to adjust your existing ads setup, it may be best to work with a professional to get you started on the right foot. A digital marketing consultant or agency can give you the manpower as well as strategy tips for maximizing the output of your SKAGs. And since ads are conducted in the digital space, you can easily employ someone who lives in a different city, state or country to help you out. So even if you live in New York, a London PPC Agency can easily jump into your account and help you start seeing success with SKAGs.