Prevailing in Court: Find the Best Mesothelioma Lawyer by Following These 5 Simple Principles


Mesothelioma ruins people’s lives and it might be ruining yours as well. Getting the justice you deserve is not an easy task and selecting the best lawyer to represent you can be something of a challenge given the large number of firms which deal with these claims. Here are five tips on how to sort through the long list and come up with the lawyer who can best represent you and prevail in court.


Go National

When it comes to getting treatment for mesothelioma, many people travel outside their local area to various states in search of specialized treatment. The same logic should be used when searching for a lawyer to represent your case. The best firms and attorney’s specializing in mesothelioma might not be found in your local area.

National firms and attorneys are typically bar certified in multiple states. They have the experience and understanding of mesothelioma cases so that they can seek out areas outside your local area where they believe that they can secure the highest reward for your case.


Choose Experience

An understanding of asbestos litigation and asbestos trust funds can make an enormous difference when it comes to prevailing in court with your mesothelioma case. Choosing a lawyer who has knowledge and experience dealing with these aspects of mesothelioma in prior cases allows them to more expertly navigate the legal terrain of your case.

Select a lawyer or firm who has been involved in hundreds of cases just like yours and won millions of dollars for its clients while handling mesothelioma cases such as those listed here:

Choose a Communicator

Being able to talk about all of your concerns with your attorney is of utmost importance. Knowing that you are being heard and that your chosen representative is available to listen to you and provide the best insight into your case is comforting. You also want the representative to truly represent your thoughts and feelings when they present your case.

Seek out a lawyer with whom you are comfortable and feel like you can relate to with directness and honesty. Make sure that the person representing you is readily available to communicate with you.


Let Them Do the Heavy Work

The most difficult task you should go through in your case is providing a deposition, which is a record of your story or testimony. The rest of the legal work should be on the shoulders of the firm and/or attorney you choose to work with.

Travel, research, investigation and filling in the details of your case should be handled by your representative instead of you, so make them do the heavy work.


Never Pay Upfront

Paying upfront is never a good idea. Someone who has already been paid tends to lag behind when it comes to doing the necessary work to win a case. It is best to find a law firm which handles mesothelioma cases on a contingency basis. What that means is that if you don’t win a reward, they don’t receive a fee.

Besides being a lower financial risk to you, contingency payments encourage attorneys to work toward getting the highest possible reward for you so that their fee, which is percentage of the reward, is higher as well.



Prevailing in court with your mesothelioma case can be accomplished if you choose the right lawyer to represent you. Choosing a lawyer who is national, has experience in mesothelioma cases, is a solid communicator, does the heavy lifting on your case and works on a contingency basis is likely to provide you with the very best outcome to your case.