Prevent pest infestation with your own treatment plan



If you have a pest problem, it is pretty difficult to get rid of it. You will need to call some professionals, and chances are that your house will have already suffered some damage before you manage to get rid of problem. However, there are some ways to prevent this problem and make sure that unwanted pests won’t show up in your house.

Create your own prevention treatment at home

It is not hard to anticipate pest problems, and no one is really safe from them. During summer, things might get even worse as there are even more insects to deal with. If you know that you live someplace where it extremely hot during summer or if you already had some pest infestations in the past, it is best to make sure that nothing will happen in the future.

The best way to do that is by securing the house yourself. Usually, applying liquid insecticide around your house should help you stay safe. The insecticide should be applied both indoors and outdoors and you can do the mix yourself, by placing it in a hand-pump sprayer. Each insecticide has different instructions when it comes to how much water you should add, so read the label first.

It is better to use both a liquid insecticide, as well as an insecticide dust. This way, you will maximize the protection and you can be sure that pests will keep away from your house.

How to use the mix?

Before you spray around your house make sure that you protect yourself. Use gloves, long sleeves and protective goggles. Insecticide can be very harmful and you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself. After you make sure that you are safe you can start using the insecticide.

There are certain areas where you must apply the solution. First of all you should spray it around window frames and door frames so that you “block” all the entries. Then, apply it around areas where there are wires, pipes or cables. The place where they enter the house can also represent an entry for pests.

Spray insecticide around all the soffits and vents, as well as 3 feet up the foundation and 3 feet out on the ground near your house. Finally, apply the solution in places where your pets tend to spend a lot of time.

Other solutions

If you do have a pest problem, it is recommended that you call a professional service such as Adams Melbourne Pest Control . If you try to handle the problem by yourself, there is a big chance that you won’t manage to clear the infestation completely, and it is not responsible to work with too many dangerous substances.

However, there are some other ways to protect yourself. For example, you can try to place some glue board traps. These are especially good for rodents and you can place them in various storing spaces, such as cabinets, closets, attics or under appliances.