Price of Business Beginning New Series Celebrating Chambers of Commerce


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show, has been a member of local Chambers of Commerce for years.  “I am a real fan,” he says to business owners often.  He believes that it is at the Chambers of Commerce where relationships happen, deals are made and business communities grow.  “I also believe that, in spite of the huge move towards technology for networking, these Chambers are more important than ever.  In fact, technology reminds us that social media and other tech tools show us that it is important to actually know people in the real world too, it is a great way to stick out in a sea of online ‘friends’,” Price said.

With that, the Price of Business show, which is nationally syndicated, coast to coast, on the Biz Talk Radio Network, will be inviting leaders from Chambers from around the country to be a guest on his show.  He is looking forward to doing interviews with these leaders in business communities around the country.  In addition, we are doing commentaries with actual members of various Chambers as well.

There is no cost for either Chambers or their members to participate in this program.  All you have to do is prove you represent a Chamber (with links to it) and for members, proof that you are currently involved with one.  It is that easy.

Want to find out more about his opportunity?  Simple email for more information.