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Research on the reach of the Price of Business has found some interesting facts on its reach. It now has a coverage area in the billions. The following are some of our findings:
  • While the US has a population of 329 million, the Internet reaches approximately 290 million of that population over numerous platforms. That is over 88 percent of the US population. Of that 88 percent of the population,  Price of Business show coverage is through multiple means, including broadcasting on stations coast to coast as well as on numerous platforms. This redundancy has created a saturation in our reach. 
  • Worldwide the number is even more impressive, with over 4.3 billion online. Of course some countries restrict Internet access, it is safe to assume the reach is in the billions.

It is now easy to listen to the Price of Business show on OTT Platforms like ROKU

Now you can ask Alexa to play the show for you, simply say “Alexa, ask AnyPod to play the Price of Business show.”

Available on iHeartRadio, which is one of the largest podcasting platforms in the world. Listen here.
Check it out at Apple Podcasts by clicking here
Find it and listen any time you want at TuneIn.com by clicking here
Listen to the Price of Business Show on Stitcher by clicking here
You can also find the Price of Business at Podchaser.  Just click here
You can listen to the show on Spotify directly here or listen on Spotify by following these simple directions and then downloading the Price of Business Show playlist. Spotify has over 170 million listeners each month.
Listen to the Price of Business at Spreaker.  Just click here
You can also listen to the Price of Business show on Google Podcasts by clicking here.
Check out the Price of Business at Castbox by clicking here.
You can also find the Price of Business at Listen Notes by clicking here
Other platforms people find the Price of Business include:
Chromecast (via Soundcloud, click here for instructions). Over 55 million Chromecast have been sold.
Listen at Apple Music.   Apple Music has over 200 million users.
Listen at Roku by downloading Musiclouds on your device (or online here). Once downloaded, “Go to Channel” (Musiclouds) on your Roku, click the SoundCloud option, Click SEARCH, Click ARTISTS and then put in “Price of Business”. You’ll then have hundreds of segments to choose from. Roku has approximately 40 million users.
If you are among the BILLIONS with an android device, download our partner’s APP at Google Play to listen live. Download the Soundcloud App to have access to all archived shows. With these, you will be able to listen to the show live or in its archive.
Or if you are among the 1.5 BILLION with an iPhone, download the iPhone App and subscribe to the show here. You can also download the Soundcloud App to listen to the show on demand. With it, you will be able to listen to it live or in its archive.
Listen to the show on Amazon Firestick. All you have to do is install Kodi and then you can access Souncloud, and from there search for the Price of Business. Get more information here.
In other words, you can listen to it from virtually anywhere.
There are many other platforms that carry the show and we will continue to update as we get more information.
You can also listen here:

Some of the many places you can find The Price of Business show.

And many others.