Price of Business Welcomes Brian Allen of Epiphany A I


Brian Allen is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over two decades of executive level experience in IoT, Wireless, Video Advertising and Production, and Revenue Generation. Brian has been involved with a few spectacular fails, and some crazy successes, that were filled with priceless experiences and education. Like many seasoned executives today, he went through the bubble burst of 2008 and experienced the downturn with two companies through 2011. Since 1997 Brian has helped start more than a dozen companies, including LunarEYE where Brian was responsible for designing vehicle hacking solutions, vehicle control and management systems for Insurance and OEM automotive customers, as well as location based V2I systems for consumer automotive markets. In 2014 Brian co-founded Digital Consulting Inc. with Joe Salvador and created one of the cleanest and fastest growing video ad tech companies on the planet. He as started 5 more companies since Digital Consulting Inc.