Price of Business Welcomes Kathleen & Jack Brown


Kathleen Brown, MD is a dermatologist in solo practice, at Oregon Coast Dermatology in Coos Bay, Oregon. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in 1980, and from Eastern Virginia School of Medicine in 1988. She then did six years of medical residency, and became board certified in dermatology in 1993, and in internal medicine in 1995.
Dr. Brown then worked in a faculty practice group in Baltimore, with part-time teaching appointments at Johns Hopkins. In 1997, she and her husband and young children moved from Maryland to Coos Bay, Oregon, to join a multi-specialty group. Her husband, Jack, had also left a senior management position in Baltimore, to start his own IT company, which he still owns and runs.
After 13 years with the group practice, Dr. Brown found she wanted more control over the way she practiced medicine. She felt strongly that physicians should not allow billing and diagnosis codes to affect or control the practice medicine, and felt it was a moral obligation to be trustworthy to individual patients.

In 2011, Dr. Brown founded her own solo, direct pay dermatology practice. Oregon Coast Dermatology operates free from third-party payers, such as insurance companies and Medicare. Dr. Brown works directly for her patients, by cutting out the middleman, and publicly posting her prices, based on time spent with the patient.


Jack Brown studied Engineering at The United States Military at West Point, and Business at The College of William and Mary.  Currently he is the President and CEO of WMI; a global data management and application development company. While at The College of William and Mary, Mr. Brown created one the first major oil company gasoline and convenience stores chains for Texaco.

Mr. Brown sold his chain, and became Executive Director of Biomedical Operations East Coast for the American Red Cross.  Working with Mr. Edwards Deming, he, re-engineered the National blood collection process, worked with the FDA on approval for an apheresis double red cell collection process, and renegotiated the Red Cross labor contracts.

Mr. Brown began developing web sites for Mobil Oil. A year later, he left the Red Cross to run his new company, WMI, full time.

Today WMI manages Exxon, Mobil, and Esso global web sites, mobile apps, geolocation, lubricant and retail data, as well as many internal marketing programs.  WMI developed Speedpass+, the first mobile payment app for ExxonMobil. Speedpass+ provids payment system integration with IBM, Bank of America, Accenture, Pump manufacturers and Point of Sales vendors.

WMI also created a real estate geo-location analytic and reporting system for ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, 7-11, Conoco Phillips, Valero and Chevron.

WMI created a pricing and analytic program used by Shell, Union 76 and MOTIVA for its North American oil trading fuels pricing groups.

Mr. Brown also assisted his wife in establishing a direct-pay Dermatology practice. They recently established the Oregon chapter of the Free Market Medical Association.