Price of Business Welcomes Our Way Health and Dr. Geetinder Goyal !!!


Welcome To: Our Way Health –

Your Medical and Wellness Home


Simply put, Our Way Health, is a system that puts TIME back into the doctor-patient relationship. We save this time from disappearing in the cracks of a broken and crumbling system, and give it to YOU in order to help you live a healthier and happier life.

The current healthcare system is failing both consumers and providers of medical services.  Our Way Health’s mission is to champion a care model that liberates providers to ensure that you and your loved ones receive genuine CARE.

A Direct Primary Care clinic, Our Way Health cuts out the interference from healthcare, and rebuilds the trust between doctor and patient. Our relationship-centered approach increases patient engagement and participation in our disease management and wellness programs. A direct relationship allows OWH providers to spend quality time with our patients, provide comprehensive care, and have an open and holistic approach to health and wellness.

OWH provides unrestricted access to doctors and staff in the clinic through extended office hours, and with 24/7 physician coverage electronically or by phone.

In OWH our patients gain an ally: an advocate to help navigate the complex landscape of our healthcare system, improve care coordination, and reduce medical costs by cutting down ER visits, specialist referrals, and need for hospital care.


Dr Geetinder Goyal MD

Founder: Our Way Health

I am a physician, so that makes me a provider of healthcare. But like all of us, I am also a consumer. I know how it feels to be on the other side. As frustrating as it is sometimes to be a provider of care, it is much worse to be a consumer.

Having been studying medicine for well over a decade, I know we have become very good at taking care of our sick. Healthcare systems and bureaucracies are built to take care of the sick.

The sad truth is, however, that access to quality primary care is shrinking. Our goal at Our Way Health is to champion a care model that liberates providers to ensure that our patients receive genuine “healthcare” and not just ‘“sickcare”.

I am convinced that as providers of healthcare we can do better. We can provide more value. We can practice the way we are supposed to practice. The way we USED TO practice. Our patients deserve change and will soon demand it.

This is why I started Our Way Health.


Medical School: Government Medical College, Chandigarh. India.

Residency: Internal Medicine at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX.

Fellowship:  Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT