Price of Business Welcomes Victory Transportation Systems and Brendan Neef


Brendan Neef is the founder and CEO of Victory Transportation Systems, Inc. Since its founding in 2003, Victory’s fleet has grown from just one truck to approximately 110 and from only one employee, Brendan, to a staff of 35 employees. Brendan has been instrumental in building a company that has a strong, defined culture which stresses values like accountability, honesty, leadership, learning, having fun, and always doing what is right. He is intensely dedicated to learning and constantly improving himself personally and professionally. This has helped him become a leader that encourages, inspires, and appreciates his employees. In his personal life, Brendan has worked to better the Houston and global community. Through his generosity and philanthropic support of local organizations, he has backed causes that he cares deeply about, like homelessness, veteran’s support, and medical research.