Pro Tips For Eco-Friendly Trade Show Displays


Making a business environmentally friendly is not as easy as just buying eco-friendly products and recycling. Most of the business practices you might not think of as wasteful can have a huge impact on the environment.


From marketing to logistics, so many aspects of operating a business produce substantial amounts of everyday waste and carbon dioxide. While Skype calls and PDFs might have made everyday life in the office greener, other practices within the office environment are not so clean.


While it may seem trivial to make trade show presence eco-friendlier and greener, doing so is a good decision. From logistics to banner stands to the electricity used, trade shows can have a significant impact on the environment.


The Impact of Trade Shows On The Environment


With almost all aspects of the modern business now shifting online, trade shows are an interesting outlier. They are completely offline, are dependent on massive amounts of corporate logistics, and are entirely done in person.


As a type of marketing, trade shows aren’t any less of being part of the 21st century. Despite that, trade shows are quite successful irrespective of their technological shortcomings and because of them, the business environment – where all things from support to sales are online – becomes an enjoyable, productive, and refreshing experience as you get to talk and relate with people in person.


Nevertheless, it is hard to deny the impact trade shows have on the environment. From the amount of electricity used in a trade show to the amount of carbon monoxide produced by the thousands of people traveling to the event and back, an average trade show is not as green as we may like it to be.


With the right technology, outlook, and strategy, however, it is possible to make these shows greener than they are currently. Here is a look at five tactics you should consider using next time you are exhibiting at a trade show and want to make your exhibition eco-friendlier and to reduce your carbon footprint.


Use Modular Display That Can Be Reconfigured and Reused


Just like recycling cans and bottles reduces the impact you have on the environment, modular displays that can be reconfigured and reused will significantly reduce the amount of waste your business generates every time you are exhibiting at a trade show.


A modular display is made of a couple of interlocking components that can be removed, reconfigures and replaced when needed. As a result, a modular display will last through several years of events and trade shows.


With a modular display, you will no longer have to buy a new display for each event you host; all you will need to do is to simply add new aspects to your modular display and remove anything that doesn’t suit your latest event or is outdated.


Deal with Supplier That Use Eco-friendly Materials and Supplies


Most suppliers don’t use eco-friendly materials and supplies. New technologies like latex-based printing ink are more environmentally-friendly than solvent-based inks and standard dye, but still, retain the print quality of dye-based inks and the high-durability of solvent-based inks.


At the same time, the materials used to construct trade show displays are not always sustainable or eco-friendly. Go for suppliers that use latex-based inks and printers, and recyclable PVC, biodegradable PVC or fabrics to build trade show displays.


If you are doing promos at the event, then use a green promotion supplier for your bags, keyrings etc – these guys are renowned for outstanding customer service.


The eco-friendliest option is to go for an aluminum exhibition stand since all its elements can be reused for different shows and recycled.


Reduce Your Environmental Impact By Using LED Lighting


The artificial lighting of old can use incredible amounts of electricity when left on during trade shows. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED ones to cut your energy usage and costs down and to reduce your overall carbon footprint.


Do you use a trade show display that uses large TVs or monitors? The go for LED TVs instead of plasma to reduce electricity consumption to about a third of what you used to consume.


Work with a Single Supplier to Simplify Logistics


The logistics of setting up and running a trade show can have a very big environmental impact. Apart from transporting staff to the location, you will also need to move your display technology and systems before the trade show commences.


There is also the ordering process to think about. If you buy the display from a single firm and print materials with another, you will spend twice as much fuel moving it all to your office as you plan for your show.


Keep things both environmentally-friendly and simple. Have a single supplier provide everything your trade show needs and enjoy the simplicity of working with one company and the benefits quick and simple logistics.