Productivity Leads To Creativity And A Better Corporate Image


The term productivity is usually associated with the level of performance that exists between the investment of resources that a company makes to operate, along with the benefits and their return. Productivity is an indicator that allows analyzing the quality of administrative and process management. It will allow you to create a better business


Train and encourage your staff

For a company, human capital is an essential resource, for this reason, it is essential to maintain training programs since through these it contributes to the growth and consolidation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors. The training will help you to increase the level of motivation, commitment and integration of all the members of your organization and will reflect a direct impact on increasing productivity.


Manage processes, not functions

Each of the workers must understand that their responsibilities go beyond the simple fulfilment of specific functions, that is, each assigned task is a fundamental part of a process that involves different departments and individuals. Process management is based on the fulfilment of activities in a collaborative way to achieve a common goal; if you transmit this message, your company will have more committed and willing employees to collaborate.

Strategic planning

An essential element to properly lead an organization is to have strategic planning since this allows the dimensioning of objectives, short and long-term goals, as well as policies and processes. To achieve proper management, it is crucial to develop a plan where activities, resources, times are recorded and those responsible are assigned, in this way you will be able to size each of the projects to achieve compliance at the highest level.


Adequate time management

To be able to execute and carry out all the crucial activities for the company, you must organize and prioritize the tasks based on time, since this is one of the most valuable resources and often the most difficult to manage. Promoting the proper management of this resource through tools such as agendas, matrices and calendars, contributes to making people and companies more productive.



Communication Strategic communication is another of the elements necessary to make a company more productive, use and manage internal and external communication with employees, customers and suppliers. Comprehensive communication keeps all the components of an organization in sync so that in this way, they can keep pace with projects and meet goals.


Innovate and explore new strategies

Keep your competition close and monitored, use market information and trends to stay updated, it is important that through this information you develop new strategies and implement processes that allow you to innovate so as not to avoid lag in business. Companies can innovate in the offer of their products or services, processes, technological infrastructure, organizational administration, among other issues, and in this way, create a competitive advantage.


Once these have been implemented, you can begin to work on the creative ideas that you have to drive your business forward. This can only be achieved, however, if your team has reached an excellent level of productivity and the business is “well oiled”. 


Improving the corporate image to encourage new sales.


It may seem like a huge feat: if I have an excellent product or service, why do I need to take care of the image of my company? What matters is sales. If you think this, you couldn’t be more wrong and more right at the same time. Take care of your corporate image in detail so that you are easily recognized and to have a loyal audience. The name, logo, use of social networks, marketing, events, appearances in the media or any act in which your company is involved, will feed for better or for worse its image among the public. How do you utilize your marketing company, such as – what campaigns do you want to undertake?

Study this aspect well and try to improve it if you consider that it is minimally susceptible to doing so. When your clients – real and potential – recognize you perfectly by your product, your name, a color or a logo, you will begin to see your results rise like foam. 

Study the market – in all areas.

We have already said it: you are in a jungle where you want to succeed, and to be the king of the jungle you need to know the market inch by inch, corner by corner, and when you get it to see who is capable of taking you off your throne. Beyond metaphors, focus on the fields in which your company and your product will move. If you go to the international market, put a rod in those countries where you want to sell. Analyze physical aspects within your local area too; what else could your company offer the public that would make them more likely to pop into your store, for example. An ATM can help bring those who need to use the ATM into your shop. You could search for atm machines for sale to see if it would be a profitable investment for your company. 


Find and conquer your target market.

One of the main factors when a business works is knowledge of the target. We have repeated it actively and passively, in this same text and many others, but it never hurts to remember it and delve into the matter. It is again a matter of investigation: you have to select your audience and know it entirely yes, or yes, there is no other option. You decide the profile of your customers from the moment you choose what to sell. The product or service itself will mark the target since there is absolutely nothing that interests everyone equally. That said, your job is to segment: it’s okay to be a broad audience, the more, the better, but don’t try to cover much more and focus on that profile, because the rest is only wasting resources. Once you are clear on this, focus on getting to know this sector of the public you want to reach as much as possible, put yourself in their shoes and think like them. From there, you only have to give them what they want in all aspects.


Use social media to your advantage. 


Implement a blog within the website itself to help drive traffic. This will massively boost SEO and is one of the only ways to do this effectively without advertising. To increase your earnings, you must make yourself see among the search engine results; In other words, no matter how fantastic your product is, if nobody finds you on the Internet and they don’t know you, you won’t have great sales. Now, if you decide to use a blog and take good care of it, get ready to see how your business numbers practically rise to all-time highs. A good selection of keywords in the right measure. It is not acceptable to go over or fall short- to gain positions in search engines will serve you, not only to make you visible but also to retain loyalty. It would help if you forged an audience that you will keep informed, and that will trust you. 


Use social networks properly – Stay active on social networks. Try to interact as much as you can with your followers by offering customer service and resolution of doubts, contests that stimulate their participation, relevant information related to your company, products and services, and you will multiply the possibilities of increasing your results. Of course, do not forget to link all your profiles on social networks with your website.