Profitable Crypto Signals Channels – Myth or Reality?



Today there are a lot of different ways to earn with cryptocurrency, and trading with the help of crypto signals made by professional traders is one of them. 

Actually, those channels are not very hard to use but it is a bit hard to find the legit one, especially when you don’t know where to look for it. 

According to the data of one software development company, there are more than 500 Telegram channels now, and 90% of them are scammers. 


There are a lot of cases when people know that something is not clear with this or that channel but they start working with it believing in their promises:


“Send us 1 BTC and get 1,35 BTC in some hours!” 

And people believe in it! 

It is because the crypto market is full of newcomers and they don’t know about all the pitfalls that are waiting for them. 


You will be very lucky when you find the legit Forex signals or crypto signals channel because it is really possible to earn with them. That is why even if you can’t find the free forex signal, ask the admin to provide the example. 


Not to be the victim of a scam channel, you need to consider some moments:


  1. Communication

It is very easy to see the scam channel if you look at the posts on the public channel. 


When you see a lot of promises, a lot of “Profitable Signal in 2 hours”, a lot of different discounts almost every day, it will mean that the admins try to make you pay the money. 


  1. Results 

This is a very interesting moment. When the admin promises you will earn 1800% from your invested capital per month, ah… please, don’t believe it. 


Maybe you think it’s weird but there are such channels, and there are a lot of them. 

The reliable and actually real amount of profit you can earn per month is like 50%-80%. 


  1. Free crypto signals 

Almost all the legit channels post free crypto signals because they want to give you a chance to check their activity. 

That is why even if you can’t find the free signal, ask the admin to provide the example. 

If he sends it, you can check if it was profitable, and check all the targets and stop-loss to be sure everything is reliable. If he doesn’t send it, you will better find another channel because this one has something to hide. 

I hope that the above-mentioned facts will help you to find the legit channel, and you will receive profitable signals!