Proven Digital Signage Options For Your Business


Digital signage in the new age of business for restaurants

Take a good look at a familiar restaurant signboard in front of a restaurant advertising today’s specials. It’s a familiar sight across the nation, replayed thousands of times every day.


Now, imagine the difference when you are in a neighborhood with perhaps 10 restaurants, with one fundamental difference. While the other 9 restaurants in your local area are still using chalk and slate restaurants advertising today’s special, yours features a flat-screen Television, in full color, with colorful and changeable graphics not only announcing today’s specials but also featuring full-color photos of just how those tasty specials look when they are prepared. Which restaurant do you think will pull in the majority of the business?


To attract employees

Now imagine, you are one of a thousand businesses, essentially post COVID, who are scrambling to attract new employees, otherwise, you will have to close your business.


Sure, you can post a vinyl banner that says “Come Work With Us” or “Now Hiring, All Positions,” that costs a little over $100 to have made up, but there is nothing in the banner to show what a fun, creative company this may be.


Now imagine the same company with a banner to initially attract attention, but then in the window, there are one, two, even possibly three television screens showing happy employees working at the company. Possible new hires can get a taste of what employment is really like, not just rely on their imagination. Which company do you think will attract more employees?


At a grocery store

Now imagine a grocery store that has obtained special promotions from a manufacturer to push a new product, available nearby to the check-out aisle.


But in addition, there is a video display featuring all the benefits of the new product, with a bright, manufactured video. Or when people walk into your grocery store, the first thing they see when coming in the door is a couple of video displays of the top one to five sale items for the day.


Imagine the increased loyalty of these customers when they no longer have to bring a clipped newspaper ad with them, but can see the primary sale items on a colorful screen the minute they step into the store.


Communicating in the office

Policies change all the time in businesses such as call centers, where people are constantly on the phone. Bulletin boards are so passe and practically keep a full-time HR employee engaged just to monitor and keep posts fresh.


With digital bulletin boards, new policies are instantly recognized. Contests are posted that enhance employee morale. New promotions can be announced. New positions within the company can be posted. A company gets a lot of traction using digital bulletin boards.


In a doctors or dentists office

People spend a lot of time waiting in a doctor’s or dentist’s office. With digital signage, they can not only be informed of important activities in the community but learn about new, or be reminded about existing services they may have forgotten about that patients may be interested in. For example, where to get COVID or Flu shots in the community. Where to park if there is road construction in the area.


About digital signage?

Digital signage usually uses an existing flat-screen television, preferably one that can be connected to the internet. Most digital signage companies provide special apps to be able to pair an existing digital television with the company’s services.


Once the flat screen is paired with the company, the company’s app will allow you to change the signage in an infinite number of ways. For example, a bar or pub may use existing stock footage of a premium beer in a long, tall glass, or a premium shot being poured and consumed by models.


Digital signage allows a company to use both static images, or to display commercials from one minute to several minutes in length. At the same time, in the vast majority of cases, you are completely free to upload your own images and videos, which of course, will be more personal.


But outside of a flat-screen TV, there is generally nothing special to purchase. Access to the internet, perhaps by Firestick, is of course required, but nothing else is primarily necessary. And most digital signage companies offer a virtual plethora of images to choose from.


You can use the same signage, month after month, like a static billboard but with more color and life to it, or you can change the signage every 30 minutes or so if you desire. Digital signage is designed so that it typically takes less than a minute to change the display and the cost per flat screen can be as low as around $10 per month. And a flat-screen TV, even with internet access, can cost a company well under $200. Meanwhile, a one-time use vinyl sign can approach that cost.


Add to your sales

One real advantage to digital sales for small retailers is to add to their bottom line quickly. 

By having a digital sign near the cashier check-out station, gas stations can get a share of kickbacks as people sign up for gas station credit cards, or they can push high-profit add-on purchases such as cigarettes or alcohol.


Meanwhile, digital signage can encourage a company to be experimental. A restaurant or bar, for example, may toy around with adding a special addition to the menu or experiment with offering drink specials. Using digital signage and ordinary bookkeeping, (also done digitally) they can quickly determine whether the new item is a winner or just a passing fad.


Game Changer

For many businesses, particularly small retail shops and restaurants, digital signage can be a game-changer. Recent surveys show that using digital signage can improve sales by as much as 33 percent.


The potential for using digital signage is high, and the costs tend to be low to try it for yourself. And digital signage companies often offer special discounts and electronic message center for sale for new customers.