Pure, Simple, & Unequaled: Zuddha Organic’s Innovative Approach to Coconut Oil




This past week we had the privilege of interviewing Tyson Adams, Founder of Zuddha Organic. Zuddha Organic utilizes an revolutionary 15-step process in order to produce an organic coconut oil that is absolute nirvana! We spoke to Tyson about his unique business and products, and here is what he had to say.


Tell us about your business:

Zuddha is the Purest Organic, Raw, Cold-Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil on Earth! You can think of Zuddha as the Premium Wine, Craft Beer or Specialty Coffee of Coconut Oil Brands.

Two and a half years ago, co-founder Tyson Adams walked the streets of Bangkok looking for coconut oil.  When he discovered what would later become Zuddha, it was pure bliss: the oil was noticeably different in taste, smell and texture. Back in Seattle several months later, Tyson searched high and low for something like it, but no other oils could hold a candle to the memory of that Bangkok coconut oil. Impassioned by the desire to import it to America, Tyson traveled back to Thailand to visit the farm and factory, and eventually partnered with the Thai family who crafts Zuddha.

Zuddha is a startup with a small team of two, dedicated to giving back. Our partner non-profit is The Ayurvedic Institute who receives 1% of Zuddha’s sales and who promotes coconut oil for whole body wellness.


What makes your organization leaders in your industry?

Our small-batch, raw-qualified processing is a revolutionary technology. Zuddha’s oil extraction method is superior to all other coconut oil brands, and you will immediately smell and taste the difference.

Zuddha exclusively uses single-origin, old-grove, organic, 100% premium Thai coconuts. Unlike some other brands, we do not use any rancid coconuts, meaning our oil is unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized. We are redefining virgin coconut oil through our 15-step, small batch, raw-qualified process, which uses centrifugal extraction and a fast-freezing cold-pressed method to avoid the prevailing use of high heat and chemicals.

This technique keeps more beneficial nutrients and fatty acids (MCTs) intact and bioavailable. The effect is a superb experience unlike any you’ve ever tasted in coconut oil. Eaten by the spoonful, you will immediately notice its silky smooth consistency with a very mild coconut aroma and no aftertaste. Pure, simple, unequalled… nirvana!


Who or what has influenced you?

Tim Ferris is a wonderful solo-entrepreneur who both adds value to people’s lives but also has turned his passion into a profitable business. We also love Scott Harrison and what he has accomplished over at Charity Water!


What key qualities do you look for in your employees/team?

Good teams are built with those who are strong in emotional intelligence. There are a lot of intellectually smart people in this world that are not empathetic and who do not communicate well. Emotional intelligence is the backbone of all strong organizations.


Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?

Fail fast and fail early. Read every day. Hire those who know more than you and understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Be sure to hire those who can fill what you don’t enjoy or cannot do. Overpay these employees and they will go to the moon for you!
What is your website so people can learn more about this amazing product?