Quality Web Design Is Worth It


Cheap web design may be something that you and/or your business is looking for when it comes to re-building a current website or crafting a new online presence. However, settling for extremely cheap web design can end up costing you far more than if you invest an appropriate amount of money in your website budget.

This is even true if you are looking to build just a mobile version of your current, desktop website. With so many users now browsing on their smartphones, many businesses want to develop mobile-friendly versions of their websites. So a mobile site is a great idea? It’s true that it may cost less to have an additional mobile website built, rather than commissioning a new responsive website from scratch that works with all screen sizes and devices. However, the savings are not worth it. Most websites are moving towards responsiveness and Google has even stated that responsive websites are more likely to appear higher on search engine results. So the long-term benefit of your cheaper investment would be negated. For those looking to cut corners on website design in general, this is a false economy too. A cheap website can soon run into problems. Does your fee to the web design company include tech support, for instance? Do they have a good track record of troubleshooting problems? Just imagine your eCommerce website either malfunctioning or being offline for 48 hours. If you depend on online revenue and lead generation, it could be extremely damaging to your business. So you need a cost-effective, reliable web design company you can trust.

Web Design That Includes The Right Written Content

Web design needs to include written content. It is important that the content you include is relevant to what it is you want to achieve with your website. At all times your content should keep the reader as its focus and keep in mind what it is that they want to know.

It can be tempting once you have a website to fill it full of content that interests you. Unfortunately, what interests you may not interest your customer segment and will not necessarily help you to convert traffic. The content you provide with the support of your web designer needs to be current, relevant and above all interesting to the reader. If you sell electrical equipment, then a book review of the latest Mills and Boon isn’t going to be very relevant, and a history of electricity may not be very interesting. However, a range of ‘how-to’ guides for the equipment you sell, can cover all three of the elements, if they are well written and well designed. A good SEO company like Unravel SEO will ensure you get your content right.  Similarly, if you run a community help site, then book reviews of local writers or self-help books could be extremely useful to your readership and encourage them to visit regularly for more of the same type of content. One type of written content that you should be very careful with, however, is the opinion post. Even with the support of a web design agency, it is difficult to get the tone of these types of posts right. That is not to say they should be avoided, but they should not be the backbone of your content.

Help With Lead Generation

Despite the growth of social media platforms, websites still act as the number one online hub for clients and customers today. This isn’t just about creating a designer branding portal – great website design can help with lead generation.

But how can a slicker website help generate leads? On its own, it won’t; but as part of a strategy of online lead generation, web design and development becomes incredibly important in sending a message to potential customers and clients. Here’s an example: most of us are said to be visual learners. So videos explaining products or services can be the best way to allow website visitors to understand why your products or services are so important. Case studies have shown that product videos can generate lead rates that are above 30%. A good web design and development company can help to optimise your landing page so that a stylish video can appear and help convey the messages you want to be conveyed to potential buyers and interested parties. The way in which your content is organised on your website can also increase the chances of leads being generated. One study found that a call to action that was more readily readable than a harder to identify call to action led to a whopping 591% increase in leads generated. It’s clear to see that good web design and development practices from a web design company can help drive online lead generation.

Take Control Of Your Website

The ability to update your website is incredibly important in today’s fast-paced world. Whereas previously it would be fine for websites to go weeks or even months without being updated, a good online presence today is dependent upon regular content creation. This is a prime factor in driving your website up the search engine rankings. To be able to keep your site fresh, you need a website that allows for updates to be made with just a few clicks of a button. A good content management system (CMS) can provide just that. A user-friendly CMS allows even the least technically-minded domain holder to make edits to their website’s content, as well as allowing for the creation of new content that fits with the uniformity of your web design. A good CMS also allows you to easily change the way content looks when desired. So when it comes to looking for a web design company to help re-vitalise or re-build your current website, there is one key question to ask. Check that any web design expert you’re contemplating employing will supply you with the CMS tools to allow you to manage your site effectively. But where do you find such experts?