Queen Inspires Women in UK Business As per Farnoush Farsiar


Finance and business expert Farnoush Farsiar takes inspiration from Queen Elizabeth II to explain how women can access the UK business world.

Through the Lens of Queen Elizabeth II: Women’s Success in UK Business as per Expert Farnoush Farsiar

Businesswoman and finance expert Farnoush Farsiar explains how women can break into the business world more prominently in 2023, based on inspiring lessons from the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The “No Matter What” Mindset

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reigned over the UK for almost 71 years, the longest of any British monarch in history. After the abdication of her uncle, King Edward VIII, and the death of her young father, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II became the first in line to the throne. The Queen’s influence raises lessons on how women in UK business can succeed, despite unanticipated challenges, according to Farnoush Farsiar.

Queen Elizabeth II had no shortage of challenges to overcome throughout her life and reign. She experienced the times of World War II at just 13 years old and major familial conflict, divorce, and death. She reigned over 32 sovereign states and 15 prime ministers. On top of that, she raised four children and upheld a marriage amid economic and war crises. Despite many complicated life events in the royal family, The Queen used her strengths to do what was best for her people no matter what.

Farnoush Farsiar’s Inspiration

Business expert Farnoush Farsiar says a deep attentiveness is one of the reasons The Queen was so loved by her people. Farsiar explains how encouraging it was to watch Queen Elizabeth understand people on such a deep level. The Queen tied conflict back to the basics of human connection, enhancing empathy in a high-stress leadership role.

Farsiar appreciates The Queen’s successful effort to bring charisma and strength to an unexpected rise to the throne. Although women are still in the workforce minority and experience unique setbacks, Farsiar highlights The Queen’s fight to prohibit age or gender discrimination from blocking opportunities regarding leadership positions of utmost responsibility.

Concrete Action for Gender Equality

The Queen demonstrated her activism with meaningful actions and careful words – all in the name of equality. A notable example was her shifting of standard education practices within the royal family. Mostly homeschooled as a child, The Queen was determined to change the path for future members of the royal family. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all have been and will be educated in places outside the palace, such as boarding schools in the UK. This historic choice guided officials toward more progressive standpoints and contributed to a new worldwide view of gender equality in public systems.

Farsiar believes confidence in women can create a major impact through actions, much like The Queen’s. Changing the course of system standards as we know them could result in vastly positive changes to gender equality.

Actions Speak Volumes

The Queen influenced people through subtle yet impactful actions. Her Majesty called on skills such as listening and mirroring to influence significant change. Instead of speaking overtly about her opinions on feminism, perhaps The Queen focused more on creating space for her people to speak. According to this Mindful article, leaders often stay silent to demonstrate good decision-making by listening calmly to their audience rather than acting rashly based on assumptions. This notion reflects Queen Elizabeth II’s mindset of empowering women, even from inside Buckingham Palace.

When The Queen did demonstrate feminism through speech, her positive and encouraging words rang true for women all over the world. In a 2015 speech at the 100th annual Women’s Institute meeting in London, Her Majesty proudly noted:

“In the modern world, the opportunities for women to give something of value to society are greater than ever, because, through their own efforts, they now play a much greater part in all areas of public life.”

Queen Elizabeth II showed us how a queen, mother, leader, or influencer could change old systems for the betterment of society. She did so with poise and confidence without straying away from her royal duties. The Queen showed women, not only with words but by example, that they can be strong, influential leaders in our modern day.

Royal Takeaways from Farnoush Farsiar

Farnoush Farsiar explains how she would not be here today without the strong women who have come before her.

“Being a role model is not just about showing other women what’s possible. It’s about showing all people—men and women—that everyone has value,” says Farsiar. For her, this is precisely one of the core lessons Queen Elizabeth II taught throughout her rule.

In a working world dominated by men, The Queen proved that women could find their strengths also in soft skills like listening, multitasking, connecting, and creating. Women can conquer any business obstacle, according to Farsiar.

Here are some top tips from Farnoush Farsiar herself on how to succeed in business as a woman, inspired by Her Majesty:

  1. Rise to the important roles presented to you, regardless of superficial checkboxes such as age, gender, race, and religion.
  2. Use your emotional intelligence and problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and advance in business.
  3. Remain courageous when you believe in something. Continue to fight for it.
  4. Allow yourself to talk to any decision-makers in charge when there is an opportunity to help another woman succeed.