Questions to Answer Before Taking on a Second Job


Having a second job has become more common in the past decade, with many workers often combining two part-time positions or working freelance on top of a full-time role. The growth of the gig economy has also contributed to this, offering more opportunities for people to take on another position. Increased earnings are the main reason most people consider getting a second job, but before you start applying for another role, make sure you’re confident it’s a good idea by answering the following questions.

Do I Need a Second Job?

Firstly, ask yourself if you really require another job. Could you ask for a pay rise at your current position to ease any money worries? Or simply search for a different full-time role that will pay more? This would avoid you taking on extra work and eating up into your own time. If you’re only taking a second job to fund a specific goal (such as to afford a new kitchen, holiday or car) then it may be quicker, easier and more convenient to consider an alternative financing option too.

Will I Have Any Free Time?

When you already hold a full-time position, working 40-plus hours a week, any other work you do will start to cut down your free time. You might be happy to get by spending an hour a day blogging or doing some freelance work but taking on a part-time position that means you’re working weekends as well will leave you with little time for anything else. This can involve sacrificing socialising, hobbies, playing sports and spending time with your partner and family. Are these sacrifices you’re willing to make?

Could I Burn Out?

Depending on the nature and extent of both jobs, this may be a strong possibility. Any manual labour or jobs that involve a lot of physicality, whether it’s stacking shelves or working on a construction site, combined with another role can quickly tire you out. A good work/life balance is essential to avoid burning out too, as everyone needs time to relax and recharge. Therefore, try to factor in at least one day off a week, schedule in time to see friends and family, do exercise and have some down time to fend off burning out.

What About My Main Role?

The effects of having a second job can become evident in your main position. When spending evenings and weekends working on other projects you may become noticeably more tired in your full-time role and even distracted. If this affects your performance and becomes a cause for concern,then it’s a sign you should stick to just one job. However, if you’re good at juggling multiple tasks and committed to both jobs then you should be fine.

Is A Second Job a Good Idea?

So, will you be able to factor in enough time to get a good work/life balance while still performing at your best for both jobs? And are you sure there’s no better option out there? If so then a second job could be a good idea. It may be best to give it a trial run for a few weeks and should there be any issues it will be easier to go back to just the one job.

Once you’ve answered all these questions honestly you will hopefully have a clearer idea of whether a second job is for you.