Raccoon Selfie Gone Wrong!

Courtesy of NY Daily News


On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, our topic of discussion was a selfie with wildlife gone wrong. A University of Nebraska football player decided to take a selfie with a raccoon and got bit in the process. According to The Huffington Post, Jack Gangwish, a defensive end for the Cornhuskers said that he killed the animal while trying to subdue it. Gangwish told a local paper that “it was a raccoon selfie gone completely wrong.”  Gangwish later posted pictures of the selfie and aftermath on Twitter. Gangwish later tweeted that he googled the symptoms of rabbies and said “I think football gives you rabbies.”

Our producer Sigmund Kramer said this story reminded him of the evil rabbit in Monty Python. Kevin Price (host) asked me if I was ever going to try and take a selfie with wildlife and I replied that I would only take selfies with my dogs in which Kevin replied “unless they turn on you.”