Reaching the Next Milestone: 5 Steps to Advancing Your IT Career


You have a tech career, which is a dream for many, but you’re looking to advance it and get into a higher position. That’s commendable, but it can be difficult since you are working around many high-skilled employees. If you’re looking to gain an edge and get that promotion, then these five steps will help elevate your career. This will ensure that you’re ready for every new program as it comes along and will open higher salary opportunities for you in the future.

Constant Training

It takes years of training to get an IT career, so you might think that it’s all over once you finally get the job. The truth is that your training should never stop because software is constantly evolving and changing.

Seek out some binge-worthy learning for every IT pro to keep yourself sharp and to hone your skills. This will ensure that you’re ready for every new program as it comes along.


Mentors are good for any position because they can teach you the skills necessary to elevate your career. These people can be independently hired mentors, and many of those exist, or you can look towards your supervisors and managers. This might be the best because they can show you how they received their promotions.


IT pros are great at setting up digital networks, but not always great at networking with other people. Networking puts you in contact with others in your field, which can help you learn about new opportunities. Many people get new jobs this way. Not only that, but referrals usually have an easier time getting you into higher positions because they can vouch for your skills.

While you don’t have to go too far out of your way for networking events, you should attend any in your local area. This can definitely give you an edge over the competition.

Hard Projects

As stated above, you’re working with many highly-skilled people who are just as good as you with technology. Standing out is important if you want to advance your career, and one of the best ways to do that is to take on the hard projects.

If there’s a project that makes people run for the hills, then you should jump into it and take it on. Not only does this make things easier for management because they don’t have to force people into the project, but you have a chance to show just how good you are.

Lead Presentations

 Part of being in management or any higher position is the ability to communicate with other departments and employees. This usually takes the form of presentations. Creating the graphical part of a presentation is easy enough, but the speaking part is difficult for most people.

If you want to advance your IT career, then you have to come out of your shell a little and start speaking in front of crowds. Take lead of any presentations that come your way and show that you can easily communicate high-level information with other people in your company.


 Advancing your IT career requires that you constantly hone your computer skills, learn to network and lead presentations and that you take on the hard projects when they come your way. Just keep proving your ability and soon management will take notice and offer you a promotion.