Reasons Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Attorney


If you were involved in a truck accident that left you injured and/or with a damaged car or property, you may be entitled to receive compensation. However, pursuing compensation by yourself is a daunting task. It’s even worse if you are still recuperating from the pain of your injuries.

Fortunately, hiring a truck accident attorney leaves every aspect of the compensation claim in their hands. A truck accident attorney takes actions purely in your best interests and increases your chances of winning the suit. Read on for four reasons you should highly consider a truck accident lawyer to take on your claim.

Many Parties May Be Liable

One primary reason why truck accidents differ from other traffic accidents is that several parties may hold the liability for your damages and injuries. In any car accident, often, the other driver is the only liable party. However, during a truck accident, the trucking company, the driver, contractor, truck manufacturer, or government entities may all be liable.

You might fail to recognize all the parties that could be liable. If you end up overlooking one of the parties, the statute of limitations defining the duration you may take to make a claim may expire. The expiration of the statute of limitation consequently takes away any chance you had to obtain compensation from that party.

A seasoned truck accident attorney will identify all the possibly liable parties as soon as you involve them in your accident claim. 

Negotiation May Involve Multiple Parties

Once you note that multiple parties are liable, you’ll have to negotiate with all the parties simultaneously. Negotiating for compensation with one party is already hard enough for you to tackle by yourself; it’s even more pressing to take up multiple ones. The trickiest part about negotiation is that the liable parties will do everything they can to lower your compensation.

Chances are that the other liable parties will have the representation of a strong legal team. Their lawyers are well equipped with the right words and explanations to convince you to agree to lower compensation than you deserve. Seeking a skilled truck accident attorney will give you an equally strong representation for this bargaining process.

You Need an Appropriate Legal Strategy

Often, insurance companies of the liable parties will offer you a settlement right after the accident. At face value, the payment may appear like a fair amount. However, these prompt settlements never really reflect the appropriate financial compensation fully. A settlement should cover your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and more while you recover. 

Once you reach out to a lawyer, they will look at the medical bills and reports, evaluate your injuries, and then get a feel for the impact of the accident on your well-being. The attorney will then break it down to you and guide you to understand whether the insurance company’s settlement reflects what you should get.

Your Case May Go to Court

A compensation claim always has a chance of moving to court. If the settlement offered did not satisfy your claim, you may opt to move to court. Much of the information you used in the prior negotiation process may get used against you in court by the liable party. Having a truck attorney from the very start protects you from giving too much information or failing to bring up important information, both of which may end up being detrimental to your case.

A lawyer who handles truck accidents will gather all the evidence and draft the statements to submit in court. The attorney will sort through all the relevant information to create a concise and capable court argument. The transition to court is a lot smoother and more efficient when you have a truck accident attorney right from the start. 

Get a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck drivers and truck companies have strict regulations and standards to follow regarding a host of things like hours on the road and load weight. Even an average truck driver may not be aware of the many regulations, and naturally, neither would you. A truck accident attorney will determine whether there was a violation of any of the rules.

Accidents, aside from physical injury, will often have a psychological impact on a victim. Simultaneously, the duration you take to make such a claim is critical to your case. Hiring an attorney allows you the time you need to heal while your claim is still running.