Reasons Why You Should Prefer Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite


Mike Harris aerial and satellite company is a TV aerial installation, Freesat Fitting and Repairs, Freeview Installs and Fixes, TV wall mount installations, European and foreign satellite installations, and repair company in the UK. Mike Harris aerial and satellite express is a service provided by the company in London, which is 1 hour same day rapid service.

Why Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Co.?

  • We have local installers in each and every area who have plenty of local knowledge of your location.
  • Knowledge and expertise without experience is not of much use, and at Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Company we have a bunch of professionals with years of experience.
  • We have public liability insurance and guarantees for the peace of mind of customers.
  • We use all the best and latest tools and equipment to ensure the best TV aerial installation.
  • We also provide price matching to all of our customers.
  • If your old Aerial Installation doesn’t work, we can boost your signal strength with a new Digital TV Aerial and an aerial amplifier at your home.
  • If you have poor reception or a weak signal in your area, we can give you a great Digital TV and Television reception at your house.
  • Fast & Affordable Aerial Support
  • We pride ourselves on providing a fast and foolproof service. Our engineers carry any parts that may be required to complete your repair or installation. This means in most cases we are able to offer same-day appointments, so you can get straight back to enjoying all of your favorite shows.

How Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Co. Do Works?

We will make you a piece acquainted with the running strategies of Mike Harris aerial and Satellite Company in some passages going forward. We use2 forms of TV Aerial Installation equipment, we use a Yagi aerial and a Log-periodic aerial. When a higher-advantage TV aerial set up is required, to gain adequate signal in a few areas, we use an outside directional antenna. Most simple TV aerials have null directions wherein they haven’t any response. In contrast, directional antennas will have nearly a unidirectional radiation pattern, so the right end of the antenna have to be directed at the TV station.

Outdoor TV aerial installation set up is usually based on the Yagi-Uda antenna or log-periodic dipole array (LPDA). These are composed of multiple half-wave dipole factors, along with metal rods which can be half of the wavelength of the TV signal, hooked up in a line on a support boom. The antenna will have a smaller or larger number of rod elements; in general, the more the elements the bigger the gain the more directional. Another TV aerial installation design, used especially for UHF signals, is the reflective array antenna, along with a vertical metal screen with many dipole elements hooked up in front of it. The TV aerial installation broadcast bands are too big in frequency.