Reasons You Need Professional Help to Combat Water Damage Caused by Flood


When Hurricane Harvey struck the US, very few wondered about the amount of damage this natural disaster was going to cause. The devastating storm left around 33 trillion gallons of water behind. This was four times the amount left by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The flooding added around 275 trillion pounds of weight to the landmass of the southern US region, says an article published by Independent in September 2017.

In fact, due to the added water weight due to Hurricane Harvey, the whole area of Texas had been pushed down roughly two centimeters, according to data from the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory, published in The Atlantic.

Flood Causes Major Water Damage

In comparison to tornadoes and hurricanes, floods cause greater damage to property. Floods can cause nearly total destruction, be it roads, bridges, farms, houses or automobiles in their path. Floods destroy a much larger amount of private property, including homes and businesses. Huge financial losses occur due to damage to the structure as well as contents inside a building. Fortunately, insurance companies pay for such losses to reduce the impact of flood on homeowners and companies.

According to the experts at Disaster Restore 365, a leading flood restoration and water damage restoration service in Houston, the destruction caused by floods in cities is far more constant. Water breaching the shores, seawalls or levees are the common causes of flood in cities. However, water coming into the city is not the major reason for damage; it is the water being forced to get back out again that makes the flood more destructive.

After a flood, the property owner may need water damage restoration, water cleanup and removal or disaster cleanup. This is not something one should try as a DIY project. It is best to contact certified, bonded and insured water damage restoration professionals for peace of mind.

Need for Professional Help After a Flood

According to ISO, water damage claims are the second largest and most frequent insurance claim, following wind and hail damage. When water damage occurs in a home, if left untreated, it could lead to mold problems, which can cause further damage to the structure and pose health risks to the people living in the home. Homeowners should work on removing as much flood water from the home as possible and then attempt a complete cleanup, at the earliest. However, using things like buckets and mops to remove water and dry the place can take forever, and will be a highly daunting task.


Whenever water damage occurs due to a flood or even a leaking or burst pipe, it is best to call an emergency water removal & extraction service in Houston, which uses special cleaning and drying techniques to save time.


Upon arrival, the certified water damage specialist in Houston should perform a free water damage inspection, water damage extraction inclusion cleanup, dry out and repair, provide contents restoration and storage, mold remediation and even complete demolition of the damaged structure, if required.


Fortunately, there are various water damage restoration services in Houston, TX, with an experienced team that offers 24/7 services to extract water, remove debris, dry out and repair residential or commercial property quickly, similar to the way they stood by residents after Hurricane Harvey.