Reasons You Should Go for Serviced Accommodations in 2021


The travel and hospitality sector was hit hard by Covid-19 but one thing which people have learned from it is that serviced accommodation are the go-to choice for vocation or business stays in the post-Covid scenario. They have several facilities and amenities that go above the other accommodation choices. Their flexibility ensures that it is the best thing you can choose in the pandemic season. They put effective measures so that the business and holiday guests can enjoy a safer stay with no interruption in their travel.

Some of the reasons why you should choose serviced accommodation Liverpool UK are:

Work from home facility

An accommodation offers more than just comfort. It is a perfect spot to work from because of the access to free Wi-Fi and an atmosphere that is perfectly apt to work. And, if you don’t want a desk to work, then you have your cozy bed to choose from.

But how is this helpful in the post-Covid scenario? Well, with mandatory quarantine for travelers and frequent lockdown, even after when the vaccines are out, you may be asked to work from home and connect with your clients over Zoom. Hence, it is great to stay inside a comfortable and cozy serviced accommodation and enjoy work from home.

Contactless stays

Serviced apartments now offer contactless greetings, self-check-in to maintain social distancing rules. Even the crew maintains the rules to help you stay safe.

Central location

Hotels aren’t just the only accommodation choice you have to get access to your location. Serviced accommodations are sited in the heart of the best cities to help you out. Even during lockdowns and controls, you have the power to stay in the heart of the city near the top attractions. Be it accommodation Liverpool UK or any other city, you can be in the center of all the action.

Better privacy

You own a full apartment to yourself, you can completely isolate yourself and enjoy a great time alone or with your family. The design of the apartment is amazing and is well-equipped with kitchen and bathroom utilities so you don’t have share the facilities with anyone like you do it in hotel or co-living apartments.


With no shared services, contactless processes, free Wi-Fi to work and no usage of public transportations along with serviced grocery packages, serviced apartments are meant to keep you safe and secure in this traumatizing Covid situation.

Better flexibility

Serviced apartments offer you the flexibility you need so that you can stay for as long as you want and book for longer if you need. You also get the facility of last minute cancellation as the cancellation policies are generous. So, even in the rigid Covid environment, with so many restrictions, you can enjoy a safe, happy and good stay with no issues at all.

If you are looking for accommodation Liverpool UK, then Unique Accommodation is the best option for you. Be it a corporate stay or a family relocation stay, you will have the best experience of your life with all the amenities and local transport links.