Reboot Small Business With The Right Information Technology

March 2014


By: Moira Alexander, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P, PMP, Conture—Director, IT Advisory

Reboot Small Business With The Right Information Technology

In today’s globally competitive business environment, the word business intelligence takes on a completely new meaning. Business owners have to juggle with so much information it can seem daunting at times. It has become more difficult to determine what information is useful, and what is the best way to get the relevant information you need?

Because each business has its own unique challenges, it is hard to understand what technology solutions are available that can easily be configured to provide business insights needed to make decisions quickly, and keep ahead of the competition.

While many small to mid-size companies have some technology in place, as a business owner you may still have unanswered questions about whether your existing technology tools are helping to support your overall goals.

Things to Consider

Here are some key things to consider when determining if the current technologies you have in place, or are considering, are right ones for your business.

Do the systems you have in place, or are considering, support your overall goals for future growth?

Are you getting the kind of information and insights needed to make effective decisions quickly, and with confidence?

Are you concerned about the quality and integrity of the data you get? More importantly, does it in any way negatively impact your ability to meet your client needs?

Do you or your staff spend a lot of time on workarounds due to gaps in technologies and/or lack of information?

At any point, do these workarounds result in re-work, lost time, low productivity, lower quality or lost opportunities?

Are your technologies agile and responsive enough for your business?

Do you have a difficult time explaining to your current service providers/vendors exactly what you need?
If you relate to any of these issues, it may be time to re-evaluate and reboot your information technology options. Technology may not be the biggest concern in the day-to-day running of your business; however, having the right tools can make it more efficient and operate in a way that enables your overall business goals.

When it comes to information technology in small to mid-size business, one thing is clear; choosing the right information technology solutions is critical to business success. So plan it out, think carefully about your options, and ask for help if you are unsure what to do.



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