Reducing The Impact Of COVID In Your Office


Going back into work during the midst of a pandemic is a very daunting prospect. Sadly, not a lot of us have the luxury of being able to do our jobs permanently from home, and this means eventually we have to go back to the office and work around others. 


If you are a team leader or a business owner it is very important for you to take measures to prevent the impact of covid in the office and keep your employees safe. Today we are going to talk about just a few of the things you can do to keep the office safe during the pandemic. 

Consider desk spacing 


When going back to work it is important not to allow your employees to sit closer than 6 feet. We know that not all offices are large, however the safety of employees has to come first in this case. Consider using every second desk instead of desks next to each other and keep non essential staff working from home for the time being. 


Ensure better ventilation 


In order to keep the office a safe environment for all who work there, you need to provide efficient ventilation throughout. Air flow is important in an office not only for the fresh air, but it will take away particles and hopefully take away bacteria and viruses. As you may know, flu season can hit an office hard – but good ventilation makes all the difference and will ensure you are able to keep everyone in the space working hard. 


Disinfect often 


When going back to the office during covid you need to invest in a professional cleaner such as Majik Cleaning Services. Disinfecting the office often and ensuring that every desk is cleaned every day is crucial in stopping the spread of this disease. As a manager you must take responsibility for the state of your office and provide a working space which is always clean and sanitary.


Don’t allow use of cutlery 


When it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone who enters your office, you need to lay some ground rules when people come to work. One of these rules should be that anyone who comes to work has to bring their own cutlery and mug to use. This will stop the risk of spread and ensures that there is no cross contamination between people in the workplace. It might seem a little harsh but a rule like this is crucial for the safe running of your office. 


Encourage packed lunches 

As well as ruling out cutlery, you should make sure every member of staff brings their own packed lunches instead of buying food from your cafeteria if you have one. By bringing in food from home that is already prepared it will make life easier for everyone and avoid a lot of mess in the kitchen. You could even encourage this by sharing recipes and ideas for sandwiches to your employees via email which they can use before they come in.