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Reign and Co

1. Tell us about your business/for purpose organization (how long have you been in business, what is your specialty, products or services, how many employees you have, etc.):

Reign and Co., LLC is an event planning firm based in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.  For the past four years we curated a variety of bespoke events such as: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate and non-profit events, as well as birthdays and any other festive celebrations. From extravagant affairs to intimate celebrations, Reign and Co. takes great care to include the essence of our clients in each event.


2. What makes your company/organization leaders in your industry?

We plan each event with a unique and fresh perspective as we aim to bring to life our clients’ reason for celebration. It is important that our design not only reflects the vision of our clientele, but that it is received by the guests with love. At Reign and Co. we want to create an experience that remains with our clients and their guests from the time they receive the invitation to the end of the event. We actually want those feelings to linger well after the party.

We are motivated by our purpose. When you operate in your purpose you are able to give your clientele the best services. In addition to serving our clients, Reign and Co. is deeply rooted in serving our community. We believe in giving back and giving of our time to help our brothers and sisters. Events like weddings mark the start of new unions between families, and we recognize that family matters. Our clientele and the community are a part of our family.


3. Who or what has influenced you (book, movie, person, other company/for purpose organization)?

The great innovator and event designer Preston Bailey has influenced us.  His ability to imagine and create inspires us to push boundaries as well. Beyond his creative gifts, Preston is a gift. He leads his company with honesty and inspiration. My hope is that as we continue to grow we break boundaries in the industry and inspire our clientele/viewers and do it with kindness and honesty.


4. What key qualities do you look for in your employees/team?

I look for employees who are creative and team players. We believe in being a team, so I try to identify whether a prospective employee possesses strengths in areas in which I or the company may have limitations. We push each other at Reign and Co. I make my team better and they make me better, which in turn improves the company and allows us to give our clientele amazing results.


5. Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?

Team work makes the dream work! Select a great team, create room to grow and challenge your employees and yourself.


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