Remote Working Works Best for What Businesses?


In the midst of a global pandemic with COVID-19, businesses have had to adapt to the changing work environment. While some businesses made the switch to remote working easier, almost all industries have had to change the way their business works. But, even before coronavirus entered the scene working from home was an increasing trend, that will only continue to grow in popularity as businesses now have the infrastructure to support it. Before making the switch to remote working, consider your business and what is best for you in particular. Below are just some of the business that remote working will work best for.


The most obvious of the businesses are those centered around technology. Of course, this is not referring to hardware, but any sort of web development, software, cyber security, IT, or other computer-based job is perfect for being online. Because you do not need any physical space or equipment (besides your computer) to do your job, it is the perfect candidate. Of course, you will need the necessary bandwidth, software, and VPN, but that is easily distributed by your company. Working in technology gives you the freedom to work on your own time and still collaborate with team members via Zoom, Skype, or other video chatting networks. Since your job and processes will not change much, the switch to remote working is simple and effortless Langer & Langer tells us

Social Media

Social media can be either for your own brand or if you are a social media manager for a company. Many times, if you are working for a company you are in the office so you can be a part of the team you are representing, however it is very easy to still be included and do your job from home. Having meeting with key stakeholders in the company and other marketing professionals can keep you in the loop and allow you to make fantastic content. On the other hand, if you are representing yourself on various social media sites you can easily create content and advertisements from your home. The world is only a click away from wherever you are. 


The finance world is not something you may immediately think of when it comes to work from home. However, finance is not something you truly need to be in the office for. Yes, there are some vital meetings that need to happen with your team or other groups in the company, but again you can have them virtually. With finance, your strategy and number crunching can happen in the comfort of your own home. Reports and documents can be sent via email or other document sharing software. Many of the reporting has already been converted to online formats, which make the change even simpler. 

Customer Service

Gone are the days of you needing to be in a huge call center to speak with the customers that need help from you. Customer service is in a new era of both chats and phone calls that can be completed from home. The calls are simply routed to your number during your work hours and you will be able to do your job. As long as you have solid internet or cell service you will be set up for success to address all of your customer’s needs. Not to mention you won’t have to hear your cubicle neighbor chatting anymore. 

These are just a few of the many businesses that can be converted to remote home working. With a few simple tweaks of your processes and equipment you will be all set to start working from home. While there are some pros and cons to working from home, you will find in time the ease and freedom that comes with it.