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Tell us about your business.

With the advent of voice technology, ReSpeaker by Seeed is finding new ways to revolutionize the way we work, communicate, and live: it allows the opportunity to add voice interaction to anything the user would like. With ReSpeaker, consumers are able to control home appliances, toys, plants, their office space, and so much more simply through the use of their voice. Although Seeed has existed for a while in developing cool, innovative new products to revolutionize the technology industry, the ReSpeaker is one of its most popular products and is Seeed’s primary focus.

What makes the company the leader in your industry?

When people think of voice technology today, perhaps the most common form of voice technology is Siri: that popular assistant on iPhone devices that are able to accomplish simple tasks. Siri may be the current leader in this voice technology industry, but instead of just being able to accomplish simple tasks upon direct asking, ReSpeaker is able to accomplish so much more and interact with the user.

What influenced Javascript for Entrepreneurs?

Limited software and hardware has always been an impediment to the voice technology process: the idea of a single app that could easily link together a multitude of different products was the idea that started it all.

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

Seeed, the company that developed and pioneered ReSpeaker, is looking for curious people with a genuine strive to want to learn. Technology, in the constantly changing environment that it is, needs people who are willing to think beyond the world currently around them and change it.

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