Restaurants that promise the most delightful experiences of eating out in London



The food scene in London is ever expanding, and if you want to be aware of the latest sensations, you must take help from this article that lists some of the irresistible places where you can go to pamper your taste buds.   In this list, you will find some new restaurants that have made a profound impact on food lovers and even some old ones that keep on appearing on the list of top restaurants in London. The creativity of restaurants in London poses a challenge for people, as there is so much variety on offer that people face the problem of plenty. However, on going through this list, you get clear direction about your destination.

Ottoman BBQ

Arguably, the best Turkish restaurant in London, Ottoman BBQ is a name etched in the hearts of food lovers.  Located in New Cross, this restaurant serves you the most authentic Turkish food that you rarely get anywhere beyond Turkey. Here you get the real taste of the food rooted in the land of its origin with the same original flavours.  If the food is attractive, no less attractive is the hospitality of the restaurant staff that will leave you completely satisfied. The traditional Turkish cooking uses the freshest ingredients sourced locally so that you get nothing less than the best. Taste the Turkish style pizza, hot and cold mezze and grilled dishes in an informal setting.


This Spartan looking restaurant is a Spanish tapas bar that serves North African and Spanish flavours. The restaurant is an offshoot of Moro, the restaurant that you find at Exmouth Market. The restaurant resembles the brilliant backstreet place that you find in Spain, and it is like a piece of Spain in Britain. The menu draws inspiration from the frequently travelling Chef couple who own the restaurant, and you can expect a blend of classic dishes executed with finesse and more adventurous and creative delicacies. The restaurant is ever original and never rests on its laurels, and the place is simultaneously modest and super cool.

Arian Restaurant

To find the best blend of Afghan and Persian cuisine in London, you must visit the Arian restaurant at Ealing Broadway 2 The Mall.  For the best pizzas, kebabs and curries that are prepared against orders only to serve fresh, you can confidently put your money here.  The most authentic recipes made from the finest ingredients go into the making of kebabs, and the same applies for curries made from lamb and chicken. The price of the food is also just too attractive.


In the heart of Knightsbridge, you will discover the Michelin star restaurant Petrus that has been the address for fine diners in London for many years. The decor of the place is truly captivating, and you will be mesmerised to re-invent the classic flavours in a modern garb. The menu is a delight for foodies and the cellar that accompanies it stores more than 2000 bottles of wines is a legend of sorts. For the most unforgettable experience, you must step in here no matter what time of the day it is.

About the author – Peter Woolridge is a backpacker who escapes to faraway places at the slightest opportunity. He is a regular reviewer of restaurants and regularly contributes to by adding new names to their list.