Revamp your Workspace with These Warehouse Storage Tips


If you manage a warehouse, space will always be welcome and you will no doubt rotate materials in a bid to keep things handy. There are always little things you can do to gain a few square metres of usable space, and with that in mind, here are a few warehouse storage tips that you might not be aware of.

  • Review your warehouse racking – If recently installed, the racking does what it is supposed to do, there’s probably no changes you can make; otherwise, take a look at some of the latest warehouse racking that make good use of automation. If you have the space, creating a stack of plastic storage drawers will give you extra storage space and it won’t hurt to stand back and watch the work in progress, to see whether processes are at an optimum level. Observation usually leads to a eureka moment when looking to streamline processes, so spend some time watching the daily activities.
  • Mezzanine Flooring – If there is an empty space above a work area, why not create a mezzanine floor? This is inexpensive and will instantly provide you with a few more square metres and make sure the forklift can access this when the gate is opened. Click here for business expansion ideas, which might prove useful in the future.
  • Mega Bins – These can be manufactured to order, with vented units that are collapsible and if you would like to view a wide range of plastic storage containers, search with Google for a local supplier and you might be surprised at the diverse range of containers they stock.
  • Hand Trolleys – These haven’t changed much over the years and you should have a couple on show, which are ideal for moving boxes, crates and cartons. Using the trolley reduces the risk of employee injury and this is the safest way to move things.
  • Talk to the Professionals – It costs nothing to contact a specialist warehouse storage consultant and see what he comes up with; using automation, you can speed up your processes and eliminate human error. There is always room for improvement and with a design specialist observing your operations, you will quickly discover how efficient things are.
  • Call a Meeting – Two heads are better than one and the best people to consult are those who work within the warehouse; call a meeting about storage and ask your staff to comment on any aspect of the way the layout is. This also strengthens the bond as you are involving your employees in the decision-making process and you might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

If you sit in a corner and observe the operations during the peak times, make notes on what you see and look for ways to reduce movement. We are assuming you are already making good use of upper space with suitable stacking; you could create a complete mezzanine floor to greatly expand your floor space.

Any improvements you make will add a little efficiency and hopefully, the outcome will be a win-win all round.