Revitalize Your Brand Experience With Innovative Digital Signage


Has your store embraced digital signage yet? Digital signage is proving a powerful way to influence customers and improve the shopping experience. As brands struggle with lower sales and higher costs in physical locations while webstores grow, digital signage is one way to get ahead.


Digital signage saves space on the floor


Small space with a big inventory? One of the latest trends in digital signage is integrating extensive web store inventory with in-store displays. Stores with large inventories can cut down on square footage costs in brick and mortar locations by integrating their online inventory with digital signage. Square footage costs vary widely by metro area and specific location. The average lease rate in a mall was $38.77 per square foot, whereas locations on one of America’s most sought-after retail streets range in the hundreds per square foot.



Among the latest digital signage solutions are multi-touch digital signs. These open up endless opportunities in retail environments, especially if you need to save square footage. Unique multi-touch digital displays are even being used by some fashion retailers to let customers pick the items they want to try on while a sales representative delivers them to the change room.


Digital signage for branding and atmosphere


Dynamic video, digital walls, and digital signage portraits can help you create an atmosphere and improve the branded experience of brick and mortar retail stores. When it comes to designing content, clothing retailers have a ton of options:


  • Style advice – share expert style tips featuring your inventory on digital signage.
  • The runway – fashion show-style ads with your products are an eye-catching way to prominently feature new styles.
  • Trends – show your brick and mortar customers what’s new and hot through video. Digital signage can quickly become your digital catalogue.
  • Photoshoots – some of the most powerful fashion advertising today remains innovative photoshoots. Display your unique brand through photoshoots displayed on digital signage.
  • Upcoming sales – Make sure your customers know what to look forward to in the future and how they can save.


Digital signage on the shelf


One innovative digital signage solution offered by the company Netvisual is digital signage for the shelf. Shelf screens get up close and personal with shoppers and they’re one of the best places to put promotional information. While video walls and portraits can create a mood in the store, shelf screens are ideal for providing practical information like current and upcoming promotions. Learn why placement and the look of the screens are so important. Book a consultation with Netvisual to learn about the different kinds of digital screens you can use in-store and how to best deploy them.


Digital signage is giving lifestyle retailers a new way to improve the atmosphere and shopping experience in-store. Brick and mortar sales will still make up 80 percent of all sales in 2020. While online shopping has taken a significant bite out of retail, the in-store experience still makes up the lion’s share of sales. Keep up with the latest in-store experiences by looking into digital signage.