Ring, Ring: The Best Office Phone Systems for SMBs


Using the phone isn’t the most exciting aspect of your business. Yet it’s a vital part of communicating with clients, partners, investors, and other interested parties. Even small businesses need to have a phone system that works every time without a hiccup.

You also need your phone systems for small business to be cost-effective and worth your time. It doesn’t hurt if they’re low maintenance, too.

Here’s an overview of the best office phone systems for your business, so you can choose the right one to serve your needs.

Cloud-Hosted Services

In the past, communications with a landline were crystal clear. Today’s myth is that internet-based phones don’t always have the old-fashioned reliability that you’re looking for in a professional phone system. However, choosing the right one can ensure the dependable service your customers expect.

Using cloud-hosted phone services is one way to get great call clarity and connection. You need a high-speed internet or a fiber optic connection.

Cloud-hosted phones can also give you a price advantage. These systems allow you to use mobile phones and don’t require expensive equipment.

Basic Phone Systems

For small businesses, especially microbusinesses with ten phones or less, a Key System Unit is ideal. Key System Units, or KSUs, provide fewer than 40 phone lines and work best for small businesses. They’re not portable, but they’re very easy to use.

In some cases, you can also ask about a key-less system, for businesses who need fewer than 10 lines. These are often portable and wireless, but they don’t allow for business growth beyond the initial 10 lines.

For larger companies, one option is PBX phone systems or private branch exchange. These office phone systems work differently from KSUs because they automate the switching with programmable devices. They also have batteries that allow your phones to stay up and running for a long time, even if you lose power.

Alternatively, you can ask for a hosted PBX, a slightly different system that’s hosted by the provider. The switching is done off-site, which means it costs less for the business.

Both KSU and PBX systems can be cloud-based. They can also be unified communication systems. That means all the services are in one place. Your communication tools like instant messaging and video conferencing all come from the same provider.

VOIP: The Best Office Phone Systems

Often a combination of services is the best way to get what you need. VOIP combines all these services into one, in a more advanced way. Voice Over Internet Protocol uses your computer and internet to provide everything.

It works for microbusinesses, as well as small to mid-size businesses. Try this VOIP phone system from Phone.com to make your life easy. Communicating well is vital for your business.

Before investing in a VOIP business phone system, ask about whether it’s certified and tested. These can include desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones, as well as various accessories.

Up and Running

When you have the best office phone systems, day-to-day operations go smoothly. If seamless work is your goal, then go with a system that facilitates that.

Whether your business is very small or growing every day, VOIP ensures you can reach out to anyone anytime you need.

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