Save Money with These 5 Great Motoring Hacks


We all know just how costly it is to run a motor vehicle these days, what with rising fuel prices, the cost of tax and insurance, not mention car maintenance, and if you would like to save some money on your motoring, here are a few great ideas.

  1. Used Car Parts – When a car is involved in a serious accident, if it isn’t repairable, a breakers yard will strip all of the usable components, clean them up and recondition when necessary, then they will be catalogued and offered for sale to the public. You might, for example, be in need of a new radiator or alternator, and with the very high cost of a new unit, you can save a lot of money if you buy second-hand. The breakers yard would offer some form of warranty, and the used component would still have many years of usage, thus saving you a lot.
  2. Partly Worn Tyres – Many car owners wish to replace their wheels and tyres, usually for something wider, and their old tyres are perfectly in good order. The cost of four new tyres is considerable, yet you could get a couple of years of motoring from a set of used tyres from an established company such as, where you will find discounted new and used tyres.
  3. Comparing Vehicle Insurance Most people stick with the same insurer, yet if you carry out an online search, you can quickly compare premiums, and in most cases, you can find a better deal for a cheap car insurance. There are many online motor insurance brokers, so next time your premiums are due, compare before committing to another year of cover with your existing insurer.
  4. Self- Servicing – We all know how much a garage charges to change the engine oil and carry out a few checks, yet with the right tools, you can quite easily accomplish this, and if you are only paying for the parts, you will save a lot of labour costs. The Internet is a great source of information and you are sure to find a few YouTube videos (did you know you can buy youtube subs?) of people who have serviced your make and model.
  5. Buying Used Cars – Rather than going to a dealership, there are some great bargains if you visit a car auction, which is where you will find quality ex-company vehicles that have been very well maintained and are much cheaper than at a normal retail outlet. Of course, it pays if you are knowledgeable about the inner workings of a car, but if not, ask a friend to accompany you, and make sure you arrive with time to inspect the cars before they go under the hammer.

All of the above methods can save you money regarding your motoring costs, and once you have found a place that sells partly worn tyres and a car breakers yard, you can use their services whenever necessary.