Scalping Forex- strategies



The word scalping is even familiar for a trader who has just entered the trading world. Even a beginner in trading will would have heard this term. So, let’s understand this. Scalping is nothing but a method of trading some currencies in the foreign exchange market which is based on real time technical analysis. Like any other method of trading even scalping aims at making profit through either selling or purchasing the currencies. But the main difference is it does this by holding a position in trading for very short interval of time and aims to close it for small profit. Forex 1-minute scalping strategy can be the best strategy for scalping forex when used appropriately.

One minute scalping strategy for CFD and Forex:

The best strategy recommended for Forex beginners is the 1-minute strategy. But the trader must remember that this strategy demands certain amount of concentration and time. Only the traders who are willing to invest time or able to put effort can choose this strategy. If not FX 1- minute is not the best strategy for them.

This method of scalping involves,

  • Opening certain position
  • Gaining Few Tips
  • Closing the position

Because of all these FX 1- minute scalping is considered as a day trading strategy. This is one among the most resourceful and basic trading strategies. The main aspect in this strategy is quantity. In FX 1-minute strategy it is really not unusual if the traders place 100 trades or more a day. This is the reason it is said that in FX 1-minute strategy one must chose a broker with smallest commissions and smallest spreads. When performed properly, 1-minute scalping strategy can be лучшая стратегия для скальпинга на форекс.

One must look into the strategy’s sessions, indicators, time frame, and validity.

  • The validity of every currency pair, currency pairs
  • Time frame- 1- minute
  • Required indicators- stochastic 5,3,3, and 50 EMA, and 100 EMA
  • Preferred session

Here the EMA is nothing but Exponential moving average. After SMA that is Simple Moving Average, this is second most popular in moving averages. The main difference here is extra importance is given to latest data.

In a trading terminal one must explore on required stop- loss levels and entry points. If the trader is interested and have time he must also try out on strategy as well. He can try this through risk free demo account.

Initially the trader must understand that he must broaden his understanding of the market. Strategies must be understood through different perspective by trying out different approaches. This will help in gaining significant insight into inner mechanics in treading.

Moreover he must understand that even if these do not work, the risks associated with this are really low. There will not be any major consequences by which trader will suffer. The main thing the strategy never allows high gains or high loses.

Purchase entry point- 1-minute scalping strategy:

  • The first EMA should be positions above second EMA
  • One must wait until price gets back to EMAs
  • From below Stochastic Oscillator must cross over 20 levels
  • The time when these three items are arranged in a way, open or buy a long order

Sell Entry point- 1-minute scalping strategy:

  • Here the 1st EMA must be placed below 2nd EMA
  • One must wait till the price comes back to EMAs
  • From above Stochastic Oscillator must be used to cross over 80 levels

Once the items are in place, one can open sell or short order with confidence.

Pros and cons- 1-minute scalping strategy:

One must decide which strategy that is either Forex 1-minute scalping strategy or Forex scalping strategy is better for their trading. Let’s look into pros and cons of 1-minute scalping.


  • Scalping always involves less risk exposure. Inauspicious events are avoided since there will be brief exposure to the market
  • Comparatively it is easier to achieve small movements. For bigger price changes, large supply and demand is required
  • The main logic here is that the frequency of smaller moves is more compared to larger ones.
  • Even though the market is quiet, one can always find smaller moves.

Along with all these tempting pros, one must also look into the cons as well.

  • This may demand a large deposit
  • Compared to amateur scalpers, dealers and bankers have advantage here. This is because they will have more information regarding the market
  • 1- minute scalper must have mathematical skills, good instincts, and quick reflexes
  • It is not easy to maintain a ratio between good risk and reward.
  • This Forex 1-minute ratio is always time consuming. That is the reason it said that it may lead to unhealthy life style and stress

In every case, trader must decide that whether pros outer weigh cons. Then he must come to a conclusion. The trading can also be enhanced by technological resources. One can choose enhanced versions like MT4 Supreme edition to expedite the order placement in Admiral Markets.

Even when scalping is used as supplementary strategy, it proves to be really effective. This is also same in case of Forex one minute scalping strategy.

One most important thing every trader should remember is scalping is not an easy task and it always demands hard work. Scalpers are always rewarded for their quantitative work. Bigger profit in scalping demands more and more Forex scalping. While choosing scalping or any strategy in trading trader must remember that that should match his personality. Along with his personality it must also be suitable to his trading abilities and trading style.

In general it is said that through automating the scalping strategy traders can save significant energy and time. One most important thing to remember is strategies must be developed and improved over a period of time. After a reasonable time frame once they are performing well, they can be automated. When a Forex strategy is used in a appropriate manner they can be really rewarding. But they can also test trader’s analytical abilities and nerves. That is the reason one must always practice scalping through Admiral Market demo account.