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Sean McGown is the owner of Southeast Digital Marketing

What is Southeast Digital Marketing?

Southeast Digital Marketing is a company that has been brewing for 10 or so years. “I’ve lived in many different places, so I naturally lean towards remote work.” McGown’s company specializes in search, paid search, and content marketing. Though Southeast Digital Marketing has potential for doing international business in the future, the company focuses primarily on aiding local businesses in Greenville, South Carolina. Southeast Digital Marking wants to get people with little or no experience in digital marketing up to speed as soon as possible with little pain. McGown notes that it’s much more fulfilling focusing on small businesses locally in South Carolina because, “there’s a lot of low hanging fruit, I want to help make people’s businesses soar with a lot more ease. We want to be a surrogate marketing department for those who need it. Most people are investing their live savings into their businesses. We need to do our absolute best because they are counting on us to help them with what they don’t know.”

McGown and a contract programmer work very hard at Southeast Digital Marketing. “Occasionally I will get a designer involved. I also will do some coding, just because I think it’s fun.”


What contributions are you looking to make towards the world?

McGown leans towards all things ecological, as he is interested in sustainable agriculture, conservation and preservation. “We have vast natural resources, and a lot of them are being used inefficiently and destructively. I want to be much more ecologically conscious.”


Who has influenced you to become who you are today?

“My trumpet teacher in college. His ability to teach.. his ability to tailor his teaching to each individual student. Regardless of whether they went on to play trumpet for a living or not, there were always things to be thankful for. He taught me to understand how good you’ve got it.. to try and give back and make yourself better.”


What qualities do you look for in your team?

“I want someone who is very firm in their beliefs. Even if they don’t know exactly what they want, they have a drive to be good. They’re willing to do what is necessary to get the tools that they need to reach their goals. That drive, that no-quit attitude. That’s fantastic, people like that are inspirational. They’re just powerhouses.”


Words of advice:

“Get a one-year plan that consists of four, three month plans. It is absolutely crucial that you break it down into easy to conceive segments. You can pretty much tell what’s going to happen three months out. You’ve got to have pieces that go in sequence to get where you’re going. That makes it possible for you to keep looking long-distance, and to also have the quick wins that keep you motivated. Someone who is persistent and wants something has a lot more ability to get it than those who aren’t motivated. You have to think, you have to be smart. Go for it, and try not to get in your own way.”

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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written By: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent