Searching for a Bail Bond Agent/Company – Things to Keep in Mind


You sure don’t want to see your innocent friend or relative suffer in jail! It is the reason why bail bonds are becoming prevalent. However, as an industry, bail bonds are known for various laws and regulations that at times, are challenging to comprehend. And these rules might pose hurdles in your attempt to free a defendant. You need to have adequate know-how to address this situation.

Approaching a bail bond agency/agent is easy! Today, there are plenty of these companies listed online. To know more, you check out Remedy bail and many more. However, minimal awareness is helpful. You need to delve deep in this industry before you contact a bail bond agent. There are facts that you should know to make things easy for your loved one, after the bail.

  1. No one has to post a bail

It’s been a while that the bail bond industry has emerged and expanded. And according to the first ten amendments, it is one of the rights people have. The Eighth amendment in the United States restrict the federal government to impose excessive bail. It indicates that citizens don’t need to post bail. They can choose to stay in jail till such time their mandatory court appearances are over.

  1. Ensure that the bail bond has called you before the payment

The bail bond premium is earned completely when the defendant gets free from jail. It is irrespective of the time that the defendant stays out of prison. There have been instances where a person who was free after a bail, got arrested within an hour for another charge. There are times when a District Attorney won’t choose to make any charges. It compels the judge to absolve the bail bond. It makes the Direct Attorney add the necessary charges and ask for a new bond, as the earlier one got absolved. Hence, it’s essential to know and get convinced that a bail bond is the best option for you.

  1. If there’s no license, there’s no deal

It’s the insurance department that governs and licenses the agents working out the bail! Do you have any complaints, questions, or do you want to secure yourself? In either case, it is wise to provide your bail agent, the person’s license number with whom you are paying and signing all the legal agreements. Today, one of the major issues prevalent in the bail bond industry vertical, are the fake agencies that run under a false business name. The insurance department hasn’t sanctioned these fictitious bail bond agents or companies. So, the companies aren’t well governed. Hence, if you get to connect with a bail bond agency which doesn’t have its license, make sure you inform the Department of Insurance. It can protect you and other customers as well.

These are three essential things you need to keep in mind when you are opting in for a bail bond company or agent. It’s always better to research and stay hassle-free, then walking into trouble that unlicensed companies can create for you.