Season 2 of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast is just around the corner!!

coaching through chaos podcast album cover
Coaching Through Chaos Podcast album cover


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season.  Dr. Be and I took some time off from the podcast right before Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy the holidays with our friends and family, re-group and get some great guests lined up for Season 2 which starts Tuesday January 12, 2016 right here on Price of Business.

We are so proud to say that Season 1 of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast launched with a great reception! We are still on the “What’s Hot” pages of iTunes in the Science & Medicine, Self-Help and Health categories! For our first 2 months, we were listed in the “New & Noteworthy”  iTunes pages of those categories which was due to all the listener support.  We have been so grateful to all of our guests for participating, many of whom said “yes” to my request for an interview before we even launched and of, course, to our listeners for listening! We couldn’t have asked for more!

Season 1 featured:

  • Dr. Harry Haroutunian, the Physician Director of the Betty Ford Center- on addiction treatment
  • Dr. Mark Wiederhold of the Virtual Reality Medical Center – on using VR to help our combat veterans with PTSD
  • Darlene Lancer, LMFT – on Codependency
  • Jeff Motske, CFP – on helping couples have a healthier relationship with their money
  • Amy Morin, LCSW – 0n her best-selling book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”
  • Melanie Notkin – on her best-selling book, “Otherhood”
  • Eric Zimmer – on overcoming addiction, becoming an entrpreneur and hosting the iTunes “Best of 2014” podcast, “The One You Feed”
  • Dr. Bonnie Bergin – on “Paws for Purple Hearts”
  • Christian Moore – on, “The resilience Breakthrough” and his program to build resiliency in kids & teens, “Why Try” which is already in over 22,000 schools!
  • Retired Fire Chief Matt Shobert on his personal story of resiliency – hear how a freak accident took this IronMan competitor to almost death and the emotional repercussions that followed him long after he was physically put back together.
  • Dr. Mark Borg, Dr. Grant Brenner & Daniel Berry – on a fresh look at improving relationships with their book, “Irrelationship” (be sure to check out our fun visual take on this interview on YouTube here
  • Retired Detective Mike Proctor – on his book “Antidote for a Stalker”

Those are just some of the highlights! There are 24 episodes in all – check them out right here on or if you prefer iTunes, you can find it at .

New & Noteworth Chaoching Through Chaos iTues
The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast in a top spot on iTunes “New & Noteworthy” Science & Medicine category July 2015

What’s in Store for Season 2?

Our Season 2 line-up includes shows covering the following topics:

  • The life of Super-Commuter Couples
  • How to stay Zen while getting into the world of online dating
  • The Men’s Story Project
  • How to deal with a Narcissist
  • Teens and Sex – what every parent should know
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Productivity Coaching
  • A Men’s Guide to Dating
  • Personal Stories of Resiliency
  • Parenting Newbies – You will survive 🙂
  • Resources for those that put their lives on the line for us: Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and their support systems

That’s just to get us started!!!


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100 tips for living a happier healthier life


Last but not least, I’ve been busy writing some holiday-themed blog posts – you can find “The Dysfunctional family Holiday Survival Guide” and The New Year’s themed, “Treat Your New Year’s Resolution Like a Marathon” right on the BLOG PAGE of


As we get ready for Season 2 to launch, we need to thank you, the listener for supporting us.  This has been a great adventure getting starting in the podcast world – we didn’t know what we were getting into but we’re so glad we did! Thank you so much!

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