Supports Open Carry Texas and Texas Carry Protest in Waller County


SDF YouTube Channel Covers Courthouse Rally Against Alleged Abuse of Power in Texas

Fort Worth, Texas (August 14, 2016)  – In an effort to give a stronger voice to those who are concerned about the challenges many gun owners face across the nation when they decide to exercise their rights, many legal defense organizations have entered the fray to sound the alarm, offer assistance and legal defense.

Waller County Protest

The National Association for Legal Gun Defense ( was able to provide coverage of this protest as it happened.

“Our organization has preached from day one that the law is ‘whatever the judge says it is that day’ which also applies to County Attorneys evidenced by CJ Grisham’s case in Temple that we are still litigating on his behalf, which ultimately led to Texas open carry laws being changed,” says Larry Keilberg, National Director for

“The position of the SDF as we have reported in our newsletters is that the criminal justice system is correctly named. It is criminal and run by criminals. Only we the people can stand against the injustice,” says Larry.

CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas Address at Waller County Courthouse Grounds:

Terry Holcomb, Sr. of Texas Carry Speech:

Terry Holcomb, Sr. to Judge Duhon “Take down this sign!”:

CJ Grisham Comments about the protest:

“You have been served.” Facebook Live Stream:

It is of note that many mass shootings have happened in “Gun Free Zones” which in effect advertise to would be shooters of soft targets. is a litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards to personal protection with the use of any weapon in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Tribal Lands.

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