SEO Hacks for a Tight Budget: How to get Links



Good SEO is not cheap. You can pick one – your money or online popularity. At least, this was the notion a couple of months ago. Now, we are about to give you a few ideas on how to get links for almost free from reliable sources to boost your page rank.

Outbound links are the best way to foolproof your SEO plan. Your plan can be cost effective if you can invest in value exchange programs. There are ways to make a tight budget work if you have the right guidance.

Why do you need links?

Links give your website authority. You cannot climb any SRL without value adding links. Links will help to create a sphere of influence around your site. Reliable authority links tell search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that it is okay to trust your website and send more users your way. Having more links is like have more recommendations from trustworthy sources.

There are a few ways you can get authority links and mentions without spending a fortune. Here are nine ways from Brooklyn SEO to help you build links with a tight budget –

  1. Give away goodies

Some of the best clients come from giving away goodies. Resources, content, and tools given away for free are great to promote personal contacts. It is also an excellent way to get good stuff in return.

Each client will have a different need. Templates, lists, surveys, and checklists are some of the most popular needs. You can use your keyword research tool to find out what your client(s) needs. Next, you need to tell people about the freebies. Some online advertising and Facebook promotion work great to bring new customers in.

  1. Welcome bloggers

If you want special mentions from bloggers and influencers, you need to give something for them as well. Bloggers need to maintain their credibility while they can promote your products or services. You need to make a different approach since most bloggers get hundreds of emails every day from marketers.

Provide your bloggers the opportunity to pass on useful information to their audience. SEOs, CROs, developers, and digital marketers are in perfect position for providing bloggers with this information.

  • Link building using broken links

SEOs are at a significant advantage of leveraging broken link building. Find websites with broken links. You can then suggest your resources, services, and pages as a budget fix. You can use this to build outreach and suggest your excited links SEO and Digital Marketing links in their posts or pages.

To find viable opportunities, you can use tools like Google Alerts. This is one free tool that provides useful information for all SEOs.

  1. Repurpose old content and build new links

Using old content to create new links on your domain is a super saver for all webmasters. Take a look at your website analytics. Find out which pages and posts are performing well. You can build new links to these posts. You may even find an old post crying out for a revamp. Add new images (with alt tags), videos, titles (headers) and include new links to the added content. Adding a slew of new design elements like infographics is a good way to break the monotony.

  1. Outwrite your competitors

We have seen people get free links leveraging valuable content. It is not always about promotions, visuals, and mega-content campaigns. It is more about the quality of the campaigns.

  • Include long-form content
  • Add video content and infographics for a better visual impact
  • Conduct a robust keyword research
  1. Give lucrative offers

The one way to attract reliable link sources is to offer yourself up for testimonials. This can be about products and services you use from your clients’ websites and repository. A great testimonial often gets webmasters a great homepage link FREE!

Always remember to focus on quality. Do not compromise your site’s integrity for low-quality guest content. Do keep the submissions open. Do not showcase mediocre content. Make sure your content is current, interesting, in sync with Google AdWords trends and original.

  • Internal links

A strong contender of the SEO. Internal link building is a crucial SEO game that will cost you next to nothing. If you have a dedicated blog, it will be much easier for you. You can spend a couple of hours to review your site and link all relatable content. Use tags and categories to make your manual linking job a lot easier.

Digital marketers have written ad nauseam about linking building and link juice. There is nothing they have left out, except how to build a healthy network of links within a given budget. Now, you can work on your site SEO while saving a bucketload of money.

Author Bio: Howard Goldstein is a digital marketer. He has been working for several leading eCommerce companies to help them with their marketing and SEO. His stint with Brooklyn SEO shows how a website can build its SEO game on a shoestring budget, yet earn millions.