Setting Out A Design Studio Well


Small services businesses are booming right now, and for good reason. Creative enterprises, startups and a range of other implements are finding more and more freedom with online functionality, desktop workflows and the camaraderie that comes from enjoying a small workspace with colleagues we appreciate. No matter if you’re a small translating service, a writing outfit, a graphic design studio or a music production collective, setting out a design studio well can be a great thing to do.


Not only can this cohesive space bring everyone together, but it can help you all come together, exchange ideas, and begin to form the fundamentals of whatever your business will form as. It’s best to start applying clear roles so that everyone’s responsibilities are understood. In these early days, you might have to double up on those roles, but doing so can help you learn a range of utility at this point, so more power to you.


But, you’re here for studio design advice. Let us help you consider this to the best of your ability:


A Creative Space


It is important to set out the desktop work environment well, but it’s also important to implement a creative space where people can discuss ideas. A coffee table surrounded by bean-bags might be a novel idea, perhaps a large board where ideas can be pinned or drawn up, or depending on your space, perhaps an extra room where you can come together with daily meetings and briefings to discuss your next move. A creative space not only helps you take a worthwhile break from your computer work from time to time, but can also help the collaborative space grow.




Setting up a range of creative abilities will need to include computers, preferably Macs or devices that support a range of the industry-standard suites. It might be that tailoring your desktop functionality to be easy to utilize, setting up graphics tablets or purchasing the best headphones and microphones can help you communicate with others through your online presence. With a few tips and tricks, suc has learning how to view websites that require Internet Explorer on a Mac, or how to best sign up to RSS feeds, you will have a range of options more appropriate to you.


Functional Suites

Subscribing to the best creative suites is essential. It might be purchasing the right Reaper plugins, the full ‘All Apps’ access for Adobe products as a firm, or a range of other options such as cloud support and IM functionality can help make your collective tools more uniform. This can prevent the oft-experienced issue of artists implementing only the setup they find works best, and thus can leave you struggling for time converting certain file types or grappling with lesser ‘free’ options that hold little water in the long term.


With these tips, your design studio is sure to look fantastic, but work even better.