Seven Improvements To Make To Your Business Premises


Your business premises is the face of your business and so how you present it can be very important for your company and how successful it is. If you’re not seen to care about your workplace, then this may reflect back onto the reputation of your business too. So with that in mind, it’s important to do everything you can in order to make improvements to your business premises. Here are seven improvements that you can make for your company’s building.

Improve Security Measures At Entrances & Exits

Security can be a very important factor when it comes to your property, and when you’ve got a lot of assets and belongings within the building, it’s good to keep it as secure as possible. Not only that, but you have a responsibility to your employees and any clients to keep them safe whenever they’re in the building. With that being said, there are plenty of ways that you can keep your business secure, one way being your entrances and exits. Sometimes, businesses can be a little relaxed on their entryways, especially with how employees enter and leave the building. It’s good to have a fob key system in place at the very least, but if you can, it’s worth having barriers in place that can restrict access to the rest of the building. Having an open entryway could result in staff members, perhaps allowing other people to just walk in, particularly if they’re not paying attention to who is entering in behind them. 


Try to improve the security measures where you can by installing CCTV systems if you haven’t got them already. This can be very handy for monitoring the goings-on in the building on a daily basis and when you’re away from the property out of hours. It’s always good to have evidence of any wrongdoings so that it can be followed up appropriately. 


Seal Up Any Gaps Or Comprises In The Building

Your building is compromised when you have cracks and gaps within the building’s structure. Not only could this be dangerous for individuals to break in, especially around windows and doors but also it can disrupt your building in other ways. Pests could easily find their way into the property, and you could also be wasting your heating bills if there are gaps that are letting out the heat. It’s worth having your building or operation manager to go around the premises on a daily or weekly basis to look for any problem areas in the building. It’s better to get it spotted and sorted out as soon as possible, rather than allowing it to continue to cause problems for your business.


There are plenty of quick fixes that you can make yourself as part of your buildings team, but for anything beyond the basic skills of the staff, it’s worth hiring the professionals. They can help ensure everything is sealed up correctly, as well as looking or anything that you’ve missed.


Conduct A Roof Inspection

A roof inspection can certainly be good to do every so often because, after all, it’s protecting the rest of the building. If you’re allowing damage to remain a problem, then it’s going to affect your building’s foundations, and that could be an issue. Roof inspections are something you can have done annually for your business premises, and therefore, you can rest assured that if any problems are occurring in and on your roofing area, it can be fixed by the right people who have the experience necessary. A commercial roof inspection can be a little costly, but it’s worth the investment to avoid a potentially damaging expense if there was something really wrong. You’d be wishing you had that inspection sooner, rather than later.


Don’t Forget The Exterior Elements

The exterior of your property is one to focus your attention on when it comes to making improvements as it’s likely to receive the most wear and tear. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, and so severe bouts of rain, sleet, snow, etc. can end up doing some damage to your property over time. Take a look at the current state of your building and see if anything needs fixing. It could be the frames around windows, the doors to your building, or simply giving your brickwork a touch-up of paint where needed. The roof has already been mentioned, but it’s good to get your drainage and guttering checked every so often too. This can be useful in ensuring there’s no leaking or saturating of your property’s foundations, as this could result in more damage.

The windows of your building could also benefit from regular window cleaners. You can see a real difference in those windows that have been well looked after and those that haven’t. Have cleaners come out once a month, if possible, or every few months to give your windows a fresh look. Your employees will appreciate looking out of clean windows, rather than dirty ones.


Look After Communal Areas With Cleaners

Communal areas of the home can end up looking a little worn when you have staff coming in and out of the building every day. It’s only natural that things will get damaged and cluttered in parts. To keep on top of the mess and clutter, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the best cleaners to help keep your premises as clean as possible. You should have enough cleaners in relation to the amount of work that needs doing. This contract you have might need to change with your cleaning suppliers over time as the building gets busier with more staff. However, whilst it’s good to have cleaners, you should also be encouraging your staff to clean up after themselves and to ensure their own work stations are in good condition. Cleaners can do most of the work, but it’s important that you’re staff are appreciative and respectful of their own space within the workplace.


Encourage Your Staff To Highlight Any Problems

Your staff can be your eyes and ears when it comes to your business premises. It’s not always possible to keep a watchful eye on every part of your building, and that’s where your staff can be very helpful. Give your employees the opportunity to highlight any problems within the building whenever they come across it. This can be by having a helpdesk system in place by which they can create tickets whenever there’s a problem within the building. Whether it’s a blocked toilet or a broken door, it can all get reported through this one helpdesk, which your operations team can manage actively. Your staff wants the best for the company and for the space in which they work in. They don’t want to have to deal with problems around their area, so if they can help contribute, then they sure will!


Improvements can easily be made to the company’s premises and it not only helps keep a positive and comfortable atmosphere for employees, but it also keeps them safe. Always have an ongoing checklist to ensure everything is being dealt with where possible. This means looking after any communal areas where necessary, encouraging your staff to speak up when needed, and taking care of the security of your building. The more time spent on keeping it in good condition, the less you have to worry about it disrupting your business in general.


Use these tips to make sure you’re looking after your business premises at all times. These tips will help to ensure that happens!