Seven Practical Steps for Successful Video Conferencing


Unified communication has become mainstream. Many IT companies are actively implementing it, and those that haven’t yet are looking forward to it. Industry leaders like Blue Jeans indicate that most of them haven’t yet exploited the real potential of video conference calls for IT. If people follow a few simple tricks, they can realize the maximum potential of this tech for the benefit of the company’s growth.



Companies often embrace the latest technology without doing their homework. While it’s good to be at the forefront and embrace the new developments as fast as possible, companies should also understand the way it works and know their requirements before they adopt them so that they can exploit the technology to its maximum potential. It is beneficial for businesses to take the time to do their homework and research the available technologies before they make the right decision.


Standardize Equipment

You will have to standardize equipment so that it blends with other platforms in the IT company’s network. If it is specialized equipment, it may not get integrated with the existing system, making the computer less productive than usual. It is best to stick with the standard equipment so that all users can utilize them without any compatibility issues. It also makes it much more cost-effective for the company.


Bandwidth Requirement

These types of technologies are bandwidth intensive. If you want to fully realize the potential of online chatting software and other applications, you have to be clear on the bandwidth requirements. The amount of bandwidth that you will use depends on the output quality or resolution that you are expecting to get. If you want HD picture quality, then you need to have higher bandwidth. Tech Target suggests that you consider the existing network and bandwidth before making a decision, since upgrading the tech set-up may entail a massive investment. If you want a viable option that won’t end up disturbing the current setup, it is best to go for a cloud-based online meeting solution that can provide good quality video conferencing without the need for high investments and allows you not to worry about bandwidth requirements.


Software Requirement

You have to decide on the type of tools you want to implement. Once you choose the right option, you need to know about the software requirements in order to facilitate having more efficient meeting tools. If you are going to use a cloud-based solution, then you don’t have to worry about any other factors since you can just choose the plan accordingly and the entire setup will be taken care of by the service provider.



Securing your confidential conversations over the internet is a major concern which has to be addressed. The platform that you choose should have the highest security to ensure the safety and privacy of the participants as well as the company’s sensitive information. If the security aspect is not taken care of, the success of video conferencing systems will be compromised. It is important especially with the modern day office culture of ‘bring your own device’ plans. With the growth of mobile devices, employees and customers wish to connect to the network from their mobile devices from anywhere. Companies should look into all of these issues including firewalls and popup blocking issues to ensure successful group meetings.


Test Run

It is important for companies to do a test run before they choose the right provider or equipment so that it is fully compatible with the company’s existing setup. The test run also helps all users understand the configuration and the company gets good feedback when it is run in a real life setting. If there are any potential problems they can be addressed even before the investment is made. It is best to involve some teams during the test run so that they can check all of the features and avoid any blind spots.



Another major concern for organizations is the scalability of the systems that they have put in place. As growing companies, it is necessary for businesses to ensure that the investments in any platform that they make are scalable and will not become redundant quickly. It helps businesses rapidly expand without making additional investments. Smart Data Collective indicates cloud-based video conferences are best when it comes to scalability since they can provide the on-demand capacity required, and businesses can even downgrade if there is a lean period during which the company doesn’t want to invest in solutions with such high demands.

Companies should do proper research before they decide on the best option. It helps to make the right decision, which will be of benefit in the long run. It is critical for you to choose the right equipment since employee productivity and customer satisfaction depends on the platform being deployed. They should not be hasty in adopting the latest conferencing developments, as it is critical for IT firms to be open while on the lookout for the best tools which will suit their needs.