ShieldX offers APEIRO: A comprehensive, network-based security solution


Technically Speaking Segment:  A brief interview with Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja of ShieldX Networks about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

“Our goal is to completely re-invent cloud security so that it would replace the traditional methods of information storage in a way that is virtual, manageable, highly secure…..”

About the Interviewer:

Moira Alexander is a contributor and co-host of the “technically speaking” segment on the Price of Business Talk Radio (on the BizTalkRadio Network), whom you can learn more about at She recently interviewed Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja of ShieldX Networks (as part of a series of interviews) to find out about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

About ShieldX Networks:

Gartner Cool Vendor “ShieldX Networks,” which is made up of industry innovators from McAfee, Symantec, Cisco, Intel, NetApp, and VMware, completely reimagined and invented a new model for a comprehensive, network-based security product called “APEIRO.” Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ShieldX is series-A funded and founded company by a consortium of veteran investors, serial entrepreneurs, and colleagues from well-known security companies.

About the interviewee:


Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja’s previous three founded startups, Internet Junction, Webstacks, and Reconnex were acquired by Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, and McAfee, respectively, where he subsequently served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of the mobile and network security business units.

Dr. Ahuja holds a BS in electronics & electrical engineering from Thapar University, in India and a Masters and Ph.D. in computer engineering from Iowa State University. Dr. Ahuja has been granted 37 patents for security-based technologies and has presented in many public forums including the Content Protection Summit, IC3, IEEE Computer Society, McAfee FOCUS and the Cloud Expo.

Tell me about the key features of your product or service?

Dr. Ratinder: APEIRO is a network-based, DPI-powered security that deploys automatically at an elastic, unlimited scale and cloud-principled cost. It rapidly and efficiently secures today’s complex, multi-cloud environments that feature high-volume, lateral traffic. With APEIRO, our clients can implement a uniform security policy and micro-segmentation via enterprise-grade security controls that are context-aware. Its dynamic insertion, scalable DPI, and real-time analytics offer exceptional visibility, prevention, and detection with APEIRO Indicators of Pivot (IoP) that help reduce false positives and identify advanced attacks earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain.

What makes your product or service so innovative, and what are the hot button issues it addresses for companies?

Dr. Ratinder: I saw the need for an entirely new kind of security for virtual environments and designed it from the ground up, having filed over 20 patents for ShieldX along the way. My mission or vision for ShieldX was to completely re-invent cloud security so that it would replace the traditional methods of information storage in a way that was virtual, manageable, highly secure and could scale to any proportion without compromising business performance. In order to innovate and grow quickly, today’s companies need to ensure data protection in a world of escalating hacks and fraud. Because APEIRO was designed to securely scale data storage previously unimaginable proportions, cloud security is no longer a roadblock to business growth, cost management and innovation goals that today’s businesses must have to survive.

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Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Founder, and CEO


Phone: 1.408.758.9400


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